Your Ultimate Guide to Duvet Covers

Duvet and comforters are different from each other. Even though they seem alike and have a few similar characteristics such as similar fill, duvets are different. Duvet means down in French and duvet covers are mainly used instead of bedspreads or quilts. Duvets are more popular over the winter because they provide warmth and let you sleep well.

However, duvets are not washable since they are natural. This is the reason why it is advisable that you purchase duvet covers. The covers will not just protect it but will also let you bring some decorative touch to your bedding. These covers may be made out of different materials and you may change them as and when required to keep the feel and appeal of your bedroom fresh and lively.

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If you have been meaning to protect your duvets but are still unable to because you are unsure as to how choosing of a good duvet cover is done, this might be your lucky day because this guide will cover everything you need to know about covers for duvets. From purchasing up to the proper ways of using one, this page has got them all for you.

Duvet Cover Buying Guide

Just like any other bedding you have to consider the size of the bed before making a choice. If you have a king-sized bed you’ll need duvet covers king and if you have a queen-sized bed you’ll need duvet covers queen. Similarly, there are covers for full-sized beds, single beds, twin beds, and so on. Mismatch may lead to bunching of the duvet, making it very uncomfortable.

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The covers may be of different materials such as flannel, silk, micro suede, and microfibers. You have the option of buying covers for the duvet separately or bedding buying sets that contain them. The set may also include bed skirt and pillow shams. You can easily find cheap duvet covers but you may have to settle for a cheaper material. However, if you are looking for good quality but highly affordable options you should take a look at online stores and compare the rates. Trina Turk bedding is one example of a good store that will not just give you a wide range of options but will also help you choose the best at affordable rates, making buying easier for you.

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Using Duvet Covers

This is where many people face problems. These covers may not be very easy to put on. People mainly face a problem when they have large covers such as king-sized and queen-sized ones because they are difficult to manage. Covers may be of different styles based on the closure options such as Velcro, snaps, and buttons. One end is of course open so that you easily slide the duvet in. Once you are done you may simply button it or snap it shut or Velcro it.

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In order to put the cover on you should first lay the duvet on the bed. Then, you should turn the cover inside out. Now you may slide your hands into the duvet and hold the duvet from the other side (from within the duvet itself). Hold the duvet and navigate the cover over it, slowly withdrawing your arms from within. You will be done in no time provided you are patient and careful. Lastly, you simply need to close the open side of the cover and get ready for bed.

Some people use duvet covers even for comforters; which means that you may also think about using the cover this way if you feel the need to. Covers for duvets are pretty flexible; all you need to do is pick one that will enhance the theme of the room and you are ready to go.