Types of Elegant Baby Bedding

When shopping for baby bedding, one has several choices. There is casual bedding or elegant bedding. Elegant bedding is a choice selected by many parents because it is timeless. It often can be very girly, very boyish or somewhere in the middle if the parents elected not to know the baby’s sex before birth.

A baby’s room should be inviting and cozy. It should also be pretty and timeless. It will be a room that as a new parent, you will spend many hours in. Choosing the right elegant bedding will ensure that when you are your infant’s room, you will feel happy and enjoy the space.

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Boy Themes

Baby boys are much more than frogs and puppy dog tails. They can have elegant bedding collections for their crib. Plain bedding for baby boys are a thing of the past. The new trendy elegant bedding is classic and timeless. The bedding will have bold colors of navy blue, black or yellow.

They have shapes on them. The colors are so bold they appear to pop out at you and grab you. There are also the options of soft pastel colors in the bedding. These colors are very traditional for baby boy rooms. The elegant bedding sets typically are sold with the bed sheet, bumper pad, comforter, and bed skirt. A few other options available to purchase to complement the elegant bedding is curtains to match the bedding, diaper hanger, and a crib blanket or pillows. Select patterns also have rugs to match the bedding.

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Girl Themes

Any mother would want her little girl to come home to an amazing room. Elegant baby bedding set is the great start to creating an amazing room for her. Elegant bed collections can be as simple as one wants it to be or as sophisticated as the parent would like to buy. The simple looks are often a soft color of bedding. These colors are bright and can be paired with a curtain or gorgeous floor rug. The elegant bedding is often fit for a princess. Some bedding sets have canopies or ruffles. The colors available for baby girls are endless from the traditional pink, purple, and peach or white. There are many variations to each color. Whatever look the parent are looking for from classic to trendy, the bedding outlet will have an option for them to see.

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Gender Neutral

Many parents are choosing not to find out the sex of their baby. They want to be surprised claiming the baby sex is one of the best surprises they could ever receive, so why ruin it. Since it is a popular choice, many elegant bedding retailers have begun to market gender neutral bedding for these parents. These parents do not want to sacrifice any quality just because they do not know their baby’s sex. They still want a breath-taking nursery. Every baby deserves a gorgeous room. These rooms are usually decorated in shades of yellows, greens, or grey. The elegant bedding designs have shapes, animals, or solid colors. The bed sets are priceless collections that would make any parent proud to bring their baby home to.


More and more parents are more conscience about organic fabrics being much better for their little tykes. Because of this, organic elegant bed sets have soared in demand. More parents are requesting their favorite prints also be available in organic. Organic fabric meets the Global organic textile standards (GOTS). This standard ensures the fabric does not contain any chemical that may harm your precious baby.

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Custom Bedding

Another popular option for parents is custom bedding. This may be ideal when choosing elegant bedding. It gives you the freedom of choosing a comforter in one print and ability to choose a solid color sheet if you choose. It also will give you the freedom of choosing an organic option, if that is important to you. Most custom sets allow the option of personalizing your baby’s comforter, making it the ideal keepsake.

Choosing elegant bedding for you upcoming arrival of your baby is an important choice. It will be features in many of the picture you take during the first year. There are many options available to you in girl bedding sets, boy bedding sets, gender neutral bedding sets, organic and custom bedding sets. All are great choices; it all comes down to what you prefer. Pick a color and set that makes you feel happy, serene and content. Whatever you choose, you baby is sure to love it.