Top Tips on Buying Baby Bedding Sets

Buying baby bedding sets can be both exciting and daunting.  Welcoming your little one with the perfect nursery is what a parent like you certainly yearns for. However, choosing the right bedding that is not just safe but also reliable can be pretty difficult.

Why is it important to invest on quality baby bedding sets?

Babies spend most of their time sleeping. It is important that they will be able to sleep well because they continuously grow and develop at sleep. Also, babies who do not get enough sleep are cranky and irritated.

If you invest on bad quality bedding sets, chances of suffocation and allergies will increase. It can even extend to SDS (sudden death syndrome) as the worst case may be. Babies are extremely delicate and they require nothing short of the safest and the best.

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Tips on buying baby crib bedding sets

  • Crib bedding sets usually include a crib bumper pad, crib sheet and comforter. There are those which contain crib ruffle and accessories. If you prefer using them all, buying it on a set can be cheaper than buying them separately.
  • Choosing baby bedding sets that perfectly fit the size of the crib is imperative. Very large bedding could again cause suffocation while smaller bedding could expose your baby to the edges of the bed, increasing chances of fatal injuries. For an extra measure of security, you may choose those crib sheets with elastic straps so that the sheet may hold in place under the mattress.

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  • Choosing sets that also include covers for the bedding is preferable. Covers are easily washable and affordable. Thus, you can buy a few and keep changing them, thereby protecting the bedding.
  • Buy bedding sets depending on the gender of the baby. For girls, you may choose yellow, purple or pink while you can choose blue or green for boys. If you are decorating the nursery before the baby’s arrival and you want to keep the gender a surprise, you can go with neutral colors.

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  • Baby girls bedding sets could be of various designs, curls and fluff. You may also choose polka dots, flowers, bears or hearts. Baby boys bedding sets could be of football, basketball, trains or cars. Boys of all ages love sports and vehicles.
  • You should focus on quality regardless if it is for your girl or for your boy. 100% cotton (organic) is the best choice because it is breathable, safe and resists allergies. It is also very affordable compared to other choices. Make sure the bedding is soft but not too soft because extremely soft bedding may cause suffocation.
  • It is advisable that you buy machine washable and lightweight bedding sets. Babies can make a lot of mess and having such set are obviously easy to clean and maintain.

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  • Consider the length of time you want the same crib set to be used. Standard crib-size bedding can still be used during your child’s toddler years. It can also be handed down to your next babies, so investing on quality bedding set that might be slightly expensive is still cost-effective.

Looking for cheap baby bedding sets

If you are not able to find good bedding that is affordable, you could pick trina turk bedding and other similar options over the Internet. You may visit online stores to help you on comparing brands and prices.


Bear in mind that good quality bedding sets may be inevitably expensive but that is not a reason to compromise on the quality. As aforementioned, going cheap could affect your baby’s health and wellness negatively.

Prioritize your little one and buy only the best. It is highly recommended that you put quality first while choosing bedding sets for your baby. Patterns, colors, and price come later.