The Many Variations of Purple Comforter Sets

Once considered as a color only for royalty and the very wealthy aristocrats, purple today can be used and afforded by anyone for anything, including purple comforter sets in their bedrooms. This rich shade, which is between the colors of crimson and violet, has been worn by Alexander the Great, Egyptian Pharaohs, and Roman Emperors. Through the ages, purple has been depicted in paintings and used on artifacts that showed it in connection with aristocrats and not ordinary people.

In large part this was because the cost of making it from the shell of sea snails was prohibitive. However, by the mid Nineteenth Century, a process was discovered to get the color from a flower and after that purple started becoming available and fashionable for everyone. It was the color associated by the suffragettes and continued on to the women’s liberation movement. The Nazis used it as a symbol of prisoners of certain religions that were not in the mainstream. The counter-culture in America featured it in their songs and the anti-apartheid groups in South Africa took it as their color of protest.

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As a combination of the two primary colors of red and blue, purple can be many shades, from orchid to deep ruby. Purple comforter sets can be found at Trina Turk Bedding in a variety of designs and shades to match any décor. Purple comforter sets full are popular for little girls’ rooms, for teenagers and for master bedrooms.

What’s worth buying?

  • The Circo Star Power bedding set under eighty dollars is a glamorous design in channel quilting with stars in pink, blue white and purple that includes seven pieces – the comforter, flat sheet, fitted sheet, two pillow shams and two pillowcases.
  • The Jewel Purple and Silver comforter set is a breathtaking way to add dazzle to a teenager’s bedroom. Fashioned of luxurious faux silk in various shades of purple, highlighted in appliqué silver sequins, it includes the comforter, bed skirts, shams and pillows in disco ball striping.
  • For luxurious eye catching décor, along with comfort, an amethyst purple floral set with silver roses includes the comforter, matching bed skirts and pillow shams for less than two hundred thirty dollars.

Purple comforter sets queen can be exciting for all ages. They will include the peace collection, which many teenagers will surely enjoy. This Sixties designed set is a combination of modern and historic styles in all cotton, with the dark purple peace signs decorating the lighter purple fabric, including the comforter, and pillow shams.

An elegant mix for an adult bedroom is the white, purple and black combination of the MiZone Capri set of four pieces, with a comforter, two shams and a decorative matching pillow. This contemporary and striking design has a white background with a black damask motif up and down the center and a purple edging around it. The comforter is also reversible to solid purple.

More options:

For lovers of vintage designs, there is vintage lace comforter bedding sets in dusty purple polyester satin accented with taupe lace-like embroidery and scalloped edges on three sides. The comforter is reversible to taupe cotton and the set includes the comforter, a bed skirt and pillow shams.

purple comforter sets king

Purple comforter sets king combine elegance and comfort for everyone. King size purple comforter sets now come in a color called raisin, which is still in the purple family of hues and is reminiscent of the royal heritage of the color. One is a majestic look called Sebastian by Royal Velvet and the design is a distressed, matte jacquard texture, with comforter, tailored bed skirt and shams.

Another good buy is the purple ten-piece king size classic comforter set by Hallmart in a purple paisley print with diamond designs in the royal purple, gold and black that includes the king comforter, two pillows 18” x 18”, two shams, bed skirt, three Euro shams and a bolster pillow.

Meanwhile, the plum shade can be found in a nine-piece California king size comforter set that includes the plum and silver gray comforter, two pillow shams, a bed skirt, two Euro shams, two square cushions and one breakfast cushion. The plum comforter has a silver gray leaf design and is 104 inches by 90 inches. The size of a California king is longer and a few inches narrower than the regular king size bed.

Purple as a color

In today’s term, purple not only signifies royalty, but it also means good judgment, as purple is believed to bring tranquility and peace of mind. It is an advisable color to use when meditating and it symbolizes magic, being a combination of both the warmest red and the coolest blue. Therefore, it is not surprising that purple comforter sets are a good choice for one’s bedroom décor.