The Many Options on Flannel Sheets

Flannel sheets, which are well known for their ability to keep you warm during chilly nights, are finally back in the market. These important home products have proved to be very important during the cold months of fall and winter seasons. It is not the first time that these valuable products are making a comeback in the market since the end of World War II.

Brief History

There was a short comeback of these sheets at the end of the 19th century; which did not last long because of the various logistical difficulties that the production of this product need at that time. There was massive production of nylon products at that time, making the production of the sheets economically non-productive.

 It would be important to note that the second comeback of flannel sheets is surely going to rock the world of bed sheets as the demand for quality bed sheets made from cozy and naturally warm fabric rises. Reliable sources of bed sheet facts show that these sheets are now selling more than many other bed sheets made from different materials such as silk or satin.

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Distinguishing Characteristics

The surge in sales of these luxurious bed products is largely owed to the high-quality sheets produced by the manufactures. If you are new to flannel-based sheets, here are some of the qualities that set them apart from their counterparts:

  • There are sheets that are half-cotton, half-flannel. This dual nature adopted by such sheets, give them rare properties that are important in ensuring comfort and warmth during cold days and nights.
  • The natural textures of these sheets hold tiny pockets of air between the person sleeping and the bed and therefore as a result, trap adequate heat that you really need, in spite of the freezing condition created by the weather outside.
  • The increasing demand for these sheets made from the naturally warm fabric is believed to be due to the high durability nature of flannel materials.
  • The sheets resist pilling, wrinkling and fading.
  • The products are also made to accommodate thick mattresses that require close and continuous checkups.

Popular Varieties

The sheets, whose vivid colors continue to spur the imagination of many bed sheet-aficionadas, continue to amaze more and more people because of the wonderful sense of comfort they bring when one is snugly wrapped inside them. There are over one hundred and fifty varieties of these sheets that are crafted with different colors, with bright white, cream and yellow colors being the most common. Some of the top-selling varieties are comprehensively described below.

  • Ordinary Flannel – The green and blue flannel sheets are doing well in the market.
  • Queen Size Flannel – Flannel sheets queen are specifically made for extra large beds that require extra-large bed sheets. These sheets are bigger in size than other normal sheets and can only be comparable to the California king size bed sheets that is mostly found in master bedrooms.

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  • King Size Flannel – The sheets for king size beds are mostly used in luxurious homes and hotels. The king size flannel sheets are stylishly designed for extra large mattresses that are used in these beds.
  • Crib Sheets – Flannel crib sheets are small in size and specifically designed for small beds. These might be your kids’ beds or the young infants’ bed. The rising demand of these sheets has led to the introduction of high quality bedding sets that are well designed to make your baby comfortable when sleeping on them. The extra-soft feature of these sheets makes them appropriate for days-old babies.
  • Commercial Flannel – There are a number of sheets that have been considered to be the best flannel sheets in the market. Some of the highly regarded flannel-based sheets include the Pinzon 160-Gram Solid Flannel Set, the SDH Purists Queen Supreme Flannel Set and the up to date Columbia Solid Flannel Sheet Set. These three are just but a few chosen from a wider collection that consist of over one hundred varieties. Some of these sheets are waterproof, a quality that is rarely found in sheets made of other materials.


Apart from those aforementioned above, it would also be important to note that these products are available at major bedding outlets and online stores like Trina Turk Bedding at relatively low prices. Most flannel sheets are machine washable and have an extra soft touch that is not easily found in sheets made from other materials. Furthermore, it is also important to know that you should look at the manufacturers’ requirements before machine washing your flannel sheet in order to avoid fading of the original color.