The Best Comforters of this Generation

Comforters are blankets that are extremely soft and warm. Their softness makes them very comfortable, which is probably why they are called comforters. Comforters may be divided into various types depending on the type of fill. Also, the amount of fill matters a lot. Comforters with more fill are the more comfortable. The best comforters usually have a thread count or fill more than 200. These are also quite expensive. However, thread count is not the only factor to keep in mind. Good quality, hypoallergenic properties, warmth, and durability are some of the factors that distinguish best comforters from the others.

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Choices Available

These days, it is very easy to get overwhelmed with the choices; given that there is a wide array of comforters to choose from. But don’t let this fact hinder you from owning a good kind of comforter – with the help of some shopping guidelines, meticulous homeowners like you can get a hold of the finest piece. To know the different choices available, this article has compiled and described them all for the benefit of beginners like you.

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1.    Down comforters

Down feathers are feathers that are found beneath the outer layer of feathers in birds. They are very soft and are very commonly used to make comforters and pillows among other things. These are also lightweight and provide a lot of warmth. The best down comforters are made with white goose feathers. These are highly expensive, though. If you can’t afford these comforters you can go with options that come with a mix of down feathers. 600 ounces of down would make a high quality, comfortable comforter but comforters with more than 700 ounces are also available.

2.    Wool comforters

Wool is an ideal choice if you would like to use the same comforters through winter and summer. This is because wool has the property of providing warmth when the weather is cold and coolness when the weather is warm. Wool can be made out of the fleece of many animals including sheep and camels. Rabbits, llamas, and cashmere goats are also chosen. These comforters are quite soft but if you are looking for kids’ bedding, these may not be the best comforters for you. This is because they are not easily washable.

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3.    Silk comforters

Silk is a natural material. It is breathable and very soft. While they are excellent comforters, they are not low-maintenance. You will have to take regular care of these comforters and have them dry-cleaned as and when necessary. However, there is always the risk of them being stained because they are prone to soiling. Nevertheless, if you are prone to allergies, these would be the best bed comforters for you.

4.    Polyester comforters

Polyester is synthetic. It is affordable and a great choice for people who suffer from allergies because polyester fibers are non-allergenic. The downside is that polyester can’t be recycled. It is also not a breathable material. Thus, it is advisable to go for other options until and unless you feel polyester is definitely the right choice for you.

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5.    Cotton comforters

100% cotton is highly breathable and soft. You may choose between sanforized cotton and mercerized cotton. Sanforized cotton is pre-shrunk while mercerized is immersed in a very strong solution so that it becomes very strong and durable. Both these options are good. You may choose based on your affordability and other preferences. Keep the thread count in mind while making a purchase.


You have plenty of options to choose the best comforters from. You should check out Trina Turk bedding and other similar stores to be able to choose from a wide range of options, colors, and styles.