The Allure of Turquoise Sheets

Turquoise sheets have been a mark of refinement for many cultures from time immemorial. For centuries, turquoise has been a highly prized mineral with its distinctive blue-green color. Many cultures have valued this rare and extremely desirable mineral, which was found in only isolated deposits around the world. Wherever this mineral was available, it often became associated with wealth, royalty or upper class refinement.

In modern culture, turquoise remains a truly exceptional mineral which is still a telltale sign of wealth or refinement. Although the turquoise color can now be reproduced using a variety of industrial methods, this subtle hue is still often reserved for the most elegant home settings. Turquoise is a sedate color that often imbues the environment with a calming touch and is often stylistically equated with water or the sea.

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The Ideal Bedroom Tone

Turquoise sheets are often the mark of exceptional taste. For many people from the Middle East or Asia, this color is often associated with superior refinement and elegance. Guests who view bedrooms adorned with turquoise bed sheets are often subtly awed that their hosts would provide such exquisite accommodations.

Bedrooms which sport this distinguished tone in their makeup often convey a deep sense of relaxation which helps residents transition quickly to somnolence. Turquoise sheets king or turquoise sheets queen can provide the ideal motif in a guest room where peace and tranquility are desired. A bedroom that is outfitted with this radiant color can make a guest’s visit truly a thing of joy and relaxation.

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Purchasing Sheets

You may recognize the exquisite attributes of this exceptional color, but it may remain somewhat difficult to settle on the perfect sheets. Turquoise sheets can come in a wide assortment of styles and themes, so identifying the perfect choice for your home may not be simple. You may consider various online stores and distributors such as Trina Turk Bedding so you can have assorted options.

  • The first consideration is, of course, the material. Sheets may comb in cotton, flannel, linen, satin or silk. While the most common material for bed sheets is cotton, there is some variation in the types of cotton available. Egyptian cotton, for example, is among the most beautiful and lustrous on the market; this type of cotton is also known for its high thread count which adds to its luxurious texture and long life. Cotton, flannel and linen are widely embraced for their ability to produce a comfortable sleeping experience.

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If you would like to convey a feeling of true ecstasy, the ideal material is satin or silk. Satin is an extremely smooth and glossy material which induces a tactile pleasure to the touch. Silk sheets are, of course, reserved for only the most elegant of homes where wealth is prominently displayed. As the most desirable of materials, silk is also the most pricey, but it also has surprising longevity, so it can be ideal for homeowners who would like to retain the appearance of wealth without investing continually in new bedding.

  • Your second consideration is the design. While there can be some variation in the shade, the cerulean hue of turquoise is distinctive enough that enormous variation is not possible. If you wish to convey the richness of turquoise, you are encouraged to choose bedding that is monotone in design. While many home designers prefer sheets that are without peripheral designs, others suggest that sheets can be properly adorned without significant deterioration in aesthetic appeal.

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  •  Third factor would be the purpose of the sheet. While fitted turquoise sheets are utilized to cover the mattress, flat sheets are often employed as an added layer of warmth or comfort between you and the blanket. Most designers recommend that the fitted sheet and the flat sheet match in color and design, but for the more adventurous, slight changes in the hue can be used to communicate an added sense of elegance. Bedding which utilizes a range of subtle variations in color may suggest the added sense of attention to detail by the home designer.