Star Wars Sheets – The Perfect Bedding for Children

For millions of children around the world who have seen the Star Wars movies and cherished their cinematic journey to a galaxy far, far away, the perfect bedroom includes Star Wars sheets. Images of your child’s favorite movie character, whether it is Luke Skywalker or Jar Jar Binks, can be found on at least one variation of this sheet. For decades, children have gone to sleep embraced by bedding that is both comfortable and a happy reminder of one of their favorite movies.

If your children have been swept up in the Star Wars craze, then bedding which features the popular characters, landscapes or space ships may be a necessity. Many younger children may find greater peace and comfort surrounded by these images, allowing them to drift off more easily. It may even be an encouraging way to help them acquire friends who share their enthusiasm for this popular movie franchise.

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What Parents Should Consider

Shopping for your kids may not be easy, especially if they are at that stage when they need the exact desire of their heart. Fortunately, Star Wars sheets aren’t likely to be something you wish to hide under the Christmas tree as a surprise; you can safely involve your child in the selection process. Visiting a variety of online portals such as Trina Turk Bedding can help ensure that you purchase sheets that match their desires and avoid the hassle of rushing back to the store.

The first consideration for any purchase should be what type of imagery is included. There is a vast universe of Star Wars characters, ships and planets which have been produced by the six motion pictures, a horde of books and the popular children’s cartoon series. Sitting down with your child and having them help select the imagery they desire, removes the possibility of disappointment.

Just as this science fiction universe is vastly populated, so too is the universe of product tie-ins. You and your child may have to peruse numerous online and brick-and-mortar retailers to discover an image that satisfies him or her. It is important to clarify to your child that the online image may not be indicative of what the actual product looks like. Some product photos may crop the image of the sheet in order to show only a piece of the whole picture. Show them multiple images so they will understand what the sheet will look like in its entirety. If they are enthralled by a Han Solo, but he is only a minor character on the tapestry, they may not be satisfied with their selection.

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Size is another important consideration when shopping for Star Wars bed sheets. If your child is due for a growth spurt, you may have to think long and hard whether to purchase Star Wars sheets twin size, or Star Wars sheets queen size. Luckily, most manufacturers provide both options for their products; if they don’t it may take some negotiating with your child to determine what is more important to them—size or design.

Other Factors

While your child may be primarily concerned about whether Luke or Han is on their bed, you are probably more concerned about how well your child rests at night. What type of material the Star Wars sheets are manufactured from can be critical to how many times he or she may wake up at night.

For younger children who are still wrestling with control over their bodies, it may be wise to consider sheets which are durable but amenable to repeated washings. Depending if your child is naturally hot-blooded or more cold-blooded, or if you live in a colder part of the country, you may wish to emphasize warmth. Cotton sheets are usually the ideal material for children, but more heat retentive forms of cotton like flannel can be particularly useful for children who get cold easily.

A final consideration for purchasing bed sheets is pricing. Most children do not comprehend cost like parents so it may not influence their choice, but it may affect yours. Star Wars is a popular theme among children and this allows manufacturers to set elevated prices on most of these products. Not only is the demand for these products high, but manufacturers have to kick part of their profits back to the owners of the Star Wars rights in the form of licensing fees. So you should be aware that purchasing Star Wars sheets can be a pricey adventure. If this poses a problem, you may wish to select products within your price range beforehand and only show those to your child.