Sheets Thread Count – What Do They Mean?

Whether you need to deal with cold climatic conditions, or increase your comfort during sleeping hours, sheets thread count will play a major role. Thread count for the sheet you purchase will ultimately determine whether you get the much needed comfort or not. Basically, threat count means the number of threads in one square inch of the sheet you are buying. If for instance the thread count for the sheet you intend to buy is 200, it means that there are 200 threads in each square inch of the sheet which you are buying.

What Effects Do Thread Count Have?

There are many reasons why thread count do vary from one sheet to another. The following are some of these reasons.

  • Texture – The thread count of sheet affects the smoothness or roughness of the sheet you need to purchase. The more the number of thread count, the smoother the sheet is. For instance, the thread count sheet of 200 is smoother than the ones with a thread count of 80. If therefore you are going to the market to purchase a sheet that will be smoother, it is important to consider high thread count sheets. Such sheets will offer you the comfort you need.

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  • Warmth – The number of thread count in a sheet will also affect the warmth of the particular sheet. The rule is that the more the number of sheets thread count is, the higher the level of warmth the sheets will have. Therefore, if you are purchasing sheets to cover you from winter climatic conditions, the sheets with highest thread count should be the best choice. This is because they will give you the highest level of warmth that you deserve at the moment.
  • Cost – The cost of sheets also differs depending on the number of thread count in a sheet. The more the thread count, the higher the cost of the sheet. It is important to note though too that the services offered by sheets with highest thread count sheets are very good as compared to lower count thread sheets. When in the market therefore, you should not always look at the cost alone, but also the services you are going to get from the sheets.
  • Durability – Sheets thread count also affects the durability of the sheets you are purchasing. In most cases, sheets with low thread count are likely to worn out faster than the ones with high thread count. This is basically because of the difference in concentration of thread count in square inch of sheets.

What Type Of Sheets Should You Purchase?

In order to settle for best thread count sheets, you need to look at your personal needs. It is possible for you to purchase a sheet only to be frustrated later. That is why it is very important to do the needed assessment before settling on the sheet to purchase.

If for instance you would like to enhance your comfort during winter, it is good to go for high count thread sheets. Such sheets will give you comfort at the same time ensure that your get enough warmth for those cold nights. Remember that the best sheet is not always with the lowest or highest thread counts, but rather the one which fits your situation properly. If therefore you are not able to establish what sheet will be the best for you, you can ask the customer care representative.

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Where to Purchase Sheets

You need to purchase sheets from reputable sources like Trina Turk bedding that offer the most decent selections. Even so, you need to establish the best outlet for bedding before starting making purchases. The best bedding outlet will enable you have many choices to make in terms of the type of sheets you need. For instance, the store will offer you sheets made of different materials and of different thread counts. Through this, you can be able to make informed choices.

Once you have identified the best bedding sheets outlet, you can go ahead and make purchases. You can choose to do that either via online means or via retail buying. In the end though, it doesn’t matter what method of buying you embrace since both methods are effective.


It doesn’t matter whether you use the blankets to cover yourself during the night or for other purposes, sheets will always play a major important role in that. You need to purchase the best sheets so as to supplement your blankets and effectively make your night even more enjoyable. Even as you do that, it is important to note the role sheets thread count plays in successful purchase of the sheets.