Luxury Linens that Make your Guests Leave with a Smile

Are you connected with the hospitality industry? If yes, you would definitely like to spoil your guests and make them feel luxurious and pampered. Running a business of this nature is indeed a daunting task and requires the highest levels of dedication and effort to create the right experience –and make your clients leave with a smile. It is the little things that make a difference between “luxurious appeal” and one that proves to be “ordinary”. Be it your well tucked- in-bed or elegantly laid out breakfast table—luxury linens are certainly indispensible and help you achieve higher pinnacles of success.

Make a better impression with luxury linens

Bedcovers, sheets, pillow cases, towels and luxury table linens are all important parts of your bedroom suite and can greatly impact your guest’s quality of stay and how they perceive your hospitality services. Snuggling inside soft and clean sheets or wrapping up in a warm, cozy towel is a part of the experiences of staying in a luxury hotel or resort—and you as a provider need to take care of the same.

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High quality luxury linen may cause a dent in your pocket, but then they prove to be durable and will keep looking good for a long time to come. And yes, they also go a long way in making your guests feel happy and get full value for their money. There are no points for guessing that this in turn leads to higher revenue generation and better bottom line figures for your business. Best luxury linens and accessories create high customer loyalty with the right impression.

Choosing the best hotel luxury linens

Are you planning to visit Trina Turk Bedding? If yes, then you must have some guidelines up your sleeve before you get set to pay for your luxury bed linens, table clothes or other essential requirements.

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First of all, look for high quality within affordable prices. With a myriad range of fabrics, colors, textures and designs on display, you can choose the best linens that match your budget and preference alike. However, you need to let yourself travel into the deepest realms of luxury and choose only those linen pieces that personify elegance, comfort and grace—and in more ways than one.

You can also choose to go through the exhaustive e-catalogs published by online bedding stores and portals dealing in the best linen fit for the hospitality industry. 

Points to consider while choosing linen

High quality luxury linens and beddings are crucial for having a good night’s sleep. However, choosing the best linen for the cause can prove to be overwhelming and confusing. Well, like it or not, you need to have a fair idea of the weave, size, thread count, allergy-proofing and material types. The list of factors is indeed unending and requires a lot of good research and study on your part.

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  • Man made poly cotton or natural cotton blends?

Before you ask the salesman to pack up your selection, pause for a while and take a good look at the bedding fibers once again. Cotton, linen, silk and other organic fibers are produced by natural methods and are more “breathable.” Cotton sheets are the best as they allow moisture to evaporate and help your guests look forward to a comfortable stay.

In contrast, Poly Cotton percale sheets or duvet covers made from polyesters and acrylics are blended with a low percentage of cotton and are easier to maintain and wash. Synthetic fibers are cheaper than their organic counterparts and are considered more durable and perfect for small guest houses and hotels.

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  • Look out for the correct thread count

If you are ready to go into smaller details, then you need to ask for the thread count as well. Reputed bedding stores boast of a large range of 200-2000 threads per square inch. Remember, a higher thread count offers more softness and luxury and is the best choice for luxury hotels and other accommodations.

Luxurious linens go a long way in providing your guest with the best experiences. Get your list in place and start your search for the most luxurious sheets, table cloths, towels and pillow cases within your reach.