How to Get a Perfect Room Environment with Shabby Chic Bedding

Shabby chic is a rage today because it is very stylish and attractive. Contemporary, vintage, Victorian, and other styles are still popular too but shabby chic seems to be slowly taking over. The market has shabby chic furniture as well as shabby chic bedding easily available so that you redecorate your home exactly how you want to.

The Top Options on Materials

When it comes to simply shabby chic bedding, you have to think of the fabric you use so that you create the perfect shabby chic environment at home. In case you are overwhelmed with the vast variety of options in the market, here is a rundown of the bestselling options that you can use a guide for choosing:

adorable shabby chic bedding

  1. Prints: Rose prints represent shabby chic bedding beautifully. You can choose different colors such as red and pink. They also make for great shabby chic baby bedding, especially if you are parenting a baby girl. You can choose anything from tiny roses to large roses. Large roses look good in the master bedroom while tiny rose patterns are ideal for the baby’s crib.
  2. Lace: If you are looking for bedspreads for your bedroom, lace is an ideal choice. It is advisable that you buy lace made with cotton instead of buying lace made with polyester because cotton lace gives you a more ‘shabby chic’ feel. You can also buy pillowcases made out of lace to complement the bedspread.
  3. Velvet: Velvet is a good option but you have to be careful with it. Make sure you only choose warm and soft colors because dramatic shabby chic bedding can be stimulating rather than relaxing. To create the perfect shabby chic look, it is advisable that you look for antique or used velvet. New velvet may not look shabby chic.
  4. Damask: This fabric is good for all types of bedding including pillows and bed coverings. It would be an especially good choice for shabby chic crib bedding. You could also buy quilts made out of this fabric.
  5. Plaid: Plaid would be an excellent option provided you go for pastel colors. Make sure you choose warm colors such as yellow, light pink, and off-white.

simply yet elegant shabby chic bedding

Other Important Considerations

You will see that you have numerous options of fabrics when it comes to shabby chic bedding, which may be quite confusing. This is why it is advisable that you consider a few factors before going out to shop. The colors you prefer, the prints you like, the bedroom you are planning on revamping, and your budget are just a few of the many aspects that you should consider. If you are doubtful, you may take some time out to research about this style and understand what it entails.

shabby chic baby bedding for babies

If you are satisfied that you want to create that theme at home, you may go on to look for different options and colors. Keep in mind that shabby chic colors are usually warm and soft. However, there are many warm colors that you can pick from. Pink and yellow are just two of the many options. There is no need to feel restricted.

Tip: Talk to an interior designer if you are not able to make up your mind. Professionals are more qualified to make the right decision. You could also walk into specific stores such as Trina Turk bedding to find a wide variety of bedding options.

shabby chic crib bedding for little baby


Basically, the guidelines above should make achieving of the shabby chic theme easier for you. Now that you have all the great ideas to try for this project, there should be no more reason for you to hesitate or hold back on getting that shabby chic dream. Enjoy your new shabby chic room!