How to Decorate Using Summer Bedding

Flannel sheets and down comforters are very comfortable and inviting but only during the colder season. They can prove to be highly uncomfortable when summer arrives. When summer arrives, it is advisable that you change to specific summer bedding so that you remain comfortable. For the summer, you should shop for lighter fabrics that are breathable and allow air circulation so that you don’t feel the heat at night.

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Top Picks on Bedding

Getting the perfect feel and ambiance into your room during summer season is possible through the help of some decorating and organizing strategies. If this is your time to revamp your bedroom for the summer, chances are, you do not have an idea on where exactly to start. The good news is that, this article has created a compilation of some quick tips that you can use while doing this project. To know the top options on summer season bedding, read on carefully below.

  • Sheets

You don’t need anything on your bed besides sheets. This is imperative if you do not use an air conditioner during this time of the year. Choose cotton sheets of different colors so that the bedding is still stylish but much more relaxing and cooler. If you choose 100% cotton bedding for summer, you will be able to sleep well even when the temperature soars.

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  • Blankets

If you think sheets are not enough for you, you may choose blankets. Again, you should choose cotton. There is lightweight bedding for summer in the market that consists of cotton blankets and cotton sheets. You may choose such sets. Cotton is breathable and can keep you cool. You can choose basic blankets and then add some throw pillows to accentuate your bed and to make it look stylish. Make sure your pillows are in sync with your sheets and your blankets.

  • Bedspreads

If you have an air conditioner you will need a bedspread over the summer as well. Yet again, it is advisable that you go for 100% cotton summer bedding. Also, ensure that the bedspread comes with minimum or no batting. You are free to choose patterns and colors that represent summer such as floral patterns and light, soft colors.

The Fabric

elegant lightweight bedding for summer

It has been advised time and again that you choose cotton for summer bedding but that is not a necessity. In fact you have other options of bedding as well such as satin and silk. People who want luxurious bedding may go for these options.

You will be surprised to know that wool is also an option for summer. While many people associate wool with winters, you will be interested to note that lighter wool is a good option or summer as well because the material keeps you warm during winters and cool during summers. Wool is also flame resistant and that is a very beneficial property. Therefore, you might want to consider this fabric as well.

Tip: When buying cotton, ensure that the thread count is no more than 500. 500 should be the maximum for summer. This is because cotton with more thread count is not breathable and summer requires breathable bedding.


Summer Bedding Sets

Instead of buying sheets, blankets, and bedspreads separately you may buy sets. Sets may also include pillows and/or pillowcases. Sets are usually more affordable and when you buy sets you will be able to ensure that your entire bedding matches and complements each other. This will help you save not just money but also time because you won’t have to search for the perfect matches for the blanket or for the sheets.

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