How to Choose the Best Linen Sheets

You can really tell the difference between a great night and good night’s sleep with the linen sheets you use. Using the best bed sheets helps one achieve adequate sleep and good amount of rest. However, your bedroom does not need to be too sophisticated to get the maximum relaxation you need to get rid of those fatigue and tiredness you have acquired from strenuous work or activities. You just have to take into account the most important features of a bed sheet set that will provide you comfort and ease.

When you are in search for a bedding outlet that will offer you the best bedding set for your bedroom, do not forget to keep in mind the following factors that will help make a wise decision in picking the best linen sheets.

  • Color and pattern

Colors and patterns play a key role in achieving comfort and serenity inside your sleeping haven. White is the most common bed sheet color, although color and pattern preferences have changed substantially through the years. There is a wide array of color and pattern combinations to choose from, and you can always find several sets that can perfectly blend well with your furniture, wall paper or flooring.

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If you want a clean, contemporary bedroom look, pick linen bed sheets that will match with the lines and style of the furniture. For a serene mood that suits your decorating style, combine white and brown linens. This pair is a perfect and timeless color combination.

 You can also play with patterns and colors to achieve a livelier bedding style by mixing checks, circles, dots and diamond patterns held together by color. Likewise, tangerine linens may be combined with blue ones to craft a playful mood which may match with your traditional headboard and wallpaper. If you opt to be bolder, choose orange or tangerine linens as you can easily accent it with blue furniture, wallpaper or bed covers.

  • Thread count

You’ve hear about the latest linen sheets sale in the town, so before you join in it is advisable to consider also the thread count of the bed sheets you will be picking. Thread count refers to the amount of thread used to create horizontal and vertical rows on the bed sheet’s fabric.

Bedding sheets may come in single or two-ply. One thread is used for single-ply sheets to create vertical and horizontal rows, while two threads are twisted together to make same number of rows for a two-ply sheet set. Furthermore, fitted bed sheets are more preferred than flat sheets since they have four elastic corners that hold on to the four edges of the mattress to keep the sheet in place firmly. You just need to ensure that the size of your linen should be exactly the same with your mattress to avoid sagging of the sheets or elasticity of its corners.

  • Materials

Cotton is the most common material used for making bed sheets because it is hardwearing and easy to clean. At present, bed sheet outlets now offer a variety of sheets made from different fabric materials such as polyester, Egyptian cotton sateen, poly cotton, combed cotton, flannel, and percale. Most of the time, the softness and quality of the fabric are the factors used in the determining bed sheets with the best texture.

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Aside from thread count and fabric material information, you can also make an educated guess as to the feel or texture of the sheet by considering the weaving technique, yarn size or cotton quality.

Caring for your linen sheets

Now that you know how to choose the best linens for your bed room, caring for them is also essential to keep them durable and undamaged for several years.

Although vacuuming is the best option to get rid of all the dirt without damaging the threads of the linen sheets, it is still recommended that you wash your bedding sheets every week using the washing machine. However, you have to take into account the guidelines provided by the manufacturer on ironing, drying and washing them. During washing, separate bed linens with strong colors from lighter or white sheets to avoid bleeding of colors. It also ideal to choose linen sheets which are easy to wash and care like plain dye bed sheets because they have easy care properties and they can be washed in a washing machine without need of ironing.