Getting the Best Bed Sheets

In order to get that comfortable much needed sleep, one needs the best bed sheets available on the market. White cotton bed sheets are now a thing of the past. While cotton is still the material recommended by experts, manufacturers have found a way to make the bedroom a fun and exciting place by adding colors and patterns in the bed sheets.

Qualities of a Good Bed Sheet

The best quality bed sheet offers not only comfort but style, durability and a good night’s rest. They are easy to wash and maintain and don’t crease when you lie on them. So what are the qualities that make a sheet a bed sheet the best?

  •  Thread count – The best bed sheet should have a minimum thread count of 200 but preferably 280 to 400, you can check this on the label. Thread count refers to the number of threads that run up and across every square inch of a fabric. The more the thread count the higher the price but it’s a worthwhile investment because the higher the count the softer and more comfortable the sheet is. A fabric with a high thread count is more absorbent and doesn’t shrink.


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  • Material – Cotton is still considered the best material for fabrics that touch the skin directly such as bed sheets. Cotton is smooth and comfortable, easy to wash and dries fast not to mention it can be ironed and doesn’t crease. There are many types of cotton like Egyptian, Supima, organic and 100 % cotton so it’s your pick. Silk and flannel are also known to make the best bed sheet ever because they are cozy and luxurious. Materials like sateen and jacquard are pricy for nothing because they are not durable and they snag easily.


  • Source – Best bed sheet should be bought in a reliable store. The sheets should be printed with a brand name and the manufacturer’s logo. If you shop online you should research more about the best quality bed sheets at discounted prices to avoid buying fakes.


  • Size – Having in mind that sheets shrink after the first wash, the best bed sheet should be larger than the actual bed in width and length. Take the measurements of your bed all sides before you go shopping and then add thirty centimeters to each.


  • Maintenance – A good bed sheet should be easy to maintain and take care of. One should be able to wash it at home and not at the dry cleaners because that’s costly. Check the laundering instructions before you buy to ensure you can be able to take care of them.

Caring for Bed Sheets

In order to appropriately care of your new bed sheets, you need to follow the manufacturer’s instructions in the label. In case you still do not know, there are materials that are ruined by hot water, ironing or even dry cleaning. Different materials should be handled as follows to make sure they remain the best bed sheets ever even after long period of use.

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  • Silk should strictly be dry cleaned but on delicate cycle, washing them at home will destroy them.
  • The rest of the materials can be washed at home but make sure that you wash them at least once a week.
  • Avoid using bleach at all costs.
  • Wash in either cool or warm water.
  • Use as little detergent as possible because they are harsh on the fabric.
  • Dry them when the sun is not too hot and take them from the line or the drier just before they dry completely.
  • Fold the sheets as soon as they are dry to avoid creasing and unnecessary ironing. Only linens require ironing.

Where to Buy Best Bed Sheet

Most people spend at least 8 hours a day in bed. A good quality bed sheet plays a big role in making sure you rest well and therefore they are a good investment. So where can one buy amazing bed sheets at an affordable price?

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