Factors to Consider When Selecting Dorm Room Bedding


 The selection of dorm room bedding may at times be difficult for someone going to college due to the fact that there are many types being offered in the market. For this reason, a buyer must be very cautious with choosing, especially if this is their first time to do so. Fortunately, this guide has got everything covered.

What to Look For

The following are the important factors to consider when looking at popular sources like Trina Turk Bedding to make the selection successful:

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  • Bedding size

The correct size of bedding has to be selected so that they fit the bed perfectly. It is advisable for one to contact the dorm administrator to provide the size of the bed because dorm beds are at times larger than normal beds. It is common to find that the college beds being standard twin beds because they have to accommodate various heights of students. If the correct size is not chosen, one may end up wasting time and money in the exercise.

  • Bedding material

One should select fabrics that ensure that the right temperatures are maintained because dorm rooms don’t have air conditioning systems. Rayon, linen or silk for bed sheets are ideal for dorm room bedding because they have natural capabilities to regulate temperatures. Cotton and jersey bed sheets are also good choices because they keep a bed cozy and warm, in addition to being resistant to wrinkling.

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  • Personality and style of the user 

It is important to ensure that the dorm room bedding sets to reflect the personality of the user. This is because it allows them to make a contribution to the decoration of the dorm room by exercising their creativity. The theme selected has to complement that selected by a roommate to ensure that there are no clashes in style. Discussions with a roommate regarding style and taste are necessary are necessary because bedding are very noticeable, and it is ideal to choose styles and themes that match.

  •  Comfort

Comfort is also important in the selection because one has to find it after a long day of lessons. This makes it necessary to select mattresses and bed sheets that can make one comfortable. Going for an extra thick mattress is a good way to ensure comfort.

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  • Ease of cleaning and ironing 

Time is always limited in college life. It is, therefore, important to select dorm room bedding that is machine washable to minimize the time spent on laundry and maximize the time spent on studying and other college life activities. The material selected for bed sheets should be wrinkle resistant because there may not be time for ironing, and the fact one may not enjoy the activity at all.

  • Affordability 

Beddings are best bought in sets to make them economical. A student has limited time and funds, so it is important that the bedding selected includes all the items needed. These include pillow cases, mattress comforter, bed sheets, bed skirts, duvets and throw blanket.

  • Hypoallergenic properties

The selection of dorm room bedding for girls necessitates extra care because it is common to find some with skin sensitivities to different materials. When girls discover that they have such reactions, it is important that the bedding selected to be Eco-friendly certified. This is because the materials used in the production of such bedding are free from substances that can cause harm to sensitive skin in girls. It has been found that natural fibers are less likely to cause allergic skin reactions, so it is necessary that they are selected instead of synthetic, artificial or blends.

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  • Reliability

An important point about the pillows selected is that they should enable the user to use them for different purposes. One should be comfortable when using them to cushion their backs from the dorm’s wall when studying, watching TV, working on a laptop, speaking to friends and when sleeping. Their quality has to be high to ensure that they can be used for long, so an investment in a good pillow is necessary.

  • Durability 

The quality of the college dorm room bedding determines how frequently one replaces it. Frequent replacement of bedding is costly and time consuming. This makes it necessary to purchase high quality bedding even though this may be costly because one may never have to replace it during their college life. When selecting bed sheets one should ensure that the firmness of the weave by slight scratch on its surface to see how the threads shift. If it is found that the stretching is easy, this may be a sign that a dorm room bedding is of poor quality and can acquire holes on those areas in the long run.


And those were the valuable aspects that a buyer must look at when looking to buy bedding for dormitories. Be sure to take this guide with you before you hit your favorite bedding stores.