Dorm Bedding Tips and Advice

Once you get admitted to college, the haste to prepare for a more independent life begins. One of the inevitable aspects of college life is living in boarding. Thus, choosing dorm bedding is one of the many chores you have to take care of. However, this may prove to be daunting because you will most likely share the dorm with at least other person. The bedding has to match not just your preferences but also your mate’s. While boys are quite flexible about this, girls are pretty particular.

Dorm bedding for girls

Girls are generally precise about what they want on a bedding that they even contact their new roommate and talk about the décor. Some other girls will not buy dorm bedding until they shift and find out what type of roommate they are going to spend their room with.

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If you are just as particular, you may contact yourroommate or wait for a while before going out to shop. However, if both of these are not ideal you may buy neutral patterns or plain bedding in your favorite color so that it coordinates with whatever your other roommate may bring with you.

College dorm bedding for boys

Boys generally do not care much about their beddings. As long as it is not pink and does not have a feminine touch to it, it is going to be fine. Thus, it is advisable for boys to go with low-key bedding that is plain and neutral or something with simple stripes.

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Things to consider in choosing dorm bedding

  • While almost all dorm beds have twin beds that are extra-long, it is always advisable to talk to the college or hostel authorities about the size of the bed to prevent you from buying a bedding that is too large or too small which may bring you inconvenience.
  • Ease of use is a major consideration in choosing a bedding. Buy lightweight bedding that you can easily use without having to spend too much time fixing them up every after use.
  • It is advisable that you buy a cover for the quilt so that you protect the quilt. Covers are much easier to wash compared to a quilt. It is also quite possible that you will spill a number of items on them during your college days. Machine washable and lightweight covers are thus advisable. You may also choose dark-colored sheets over lighter ones to prevent stains from being much obvious.

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  • For added flexibility and convenience, bedding that has reversible colors is preferable. You can change the color by simply reversing the cover or the comforter.
  • Buy dorm bedding sets that have all the important and basic items of bedding. In the dorm, you definitely would not need throw pillows and other such components. You may choose sets that have pillow, bedspreads, comforter or quilt. If there are any other items that you would like to be included, you may go for that as well. Some sets also include covers.

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  • Consider buying one or more lightweight blankets to be used for cold weather. They will provide extra warmth and can also be carried easily when you want them to use outdoors.
  • You may need an additional sheet or pillowcases to use when you wash your primary cases and sheets. Therefore, it is always ideal to carry a backup. However, you do not need to buy too many extras and increase your luggage.

With the given tips above, you are good to go on purchasing perfect bedding set for yourself. You have affordable and highly reliable dorm bedding options such as trina turk bedding. They offer a wide range designs that will suit your style.