Choosing Your Egyptian Cotton Sheets

People shopping for bed linens prefer buying Egyptian cotton sheets even if they have a wider range of fabric options to choose from.

Bed sheets fabrics can be:

  • cotton,
  • sateen, 
  • Pima 
  • Egyptian. 

Learning more about those options will help you choose the most comfortable sheet. The quality and feel of a sheet is determined by the way the fabric is woven, from what fiber is made, and the thread count.

Cotton is the most common fiber for bed sheets, with its three main varieties:

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  • Pima, 
  • American Upland, 
  • Egyptian. 

The most used cotton is the American Upland. Pima is long-staple cotton with fine texture, and it yields a very soft weave. The finest and longest-staple of all is the Egyptian cotton. The Egyptian cotton is grown in the Nile River Valley and can produce an extremely soft and supple weave. Egyptian cotton materials have a luxurious reputation of the fabric. The market for them is at an all-time high. Many people prefer buying the Egyptian sheets for their high quality.

To be sure you choose the best Egyptian cotton sheets you need to search for the bedding outlet that provides the best quality at an affordable price. But of course, you get what you pay for. Manufacturing and importing of the world’s best cotton is expensive so you need to expect that pricing would reflect that accordingly.

Quality with thread counts

Learn more about the Egyptian cotton bed sheets in order to be prepared to choose wisely.

One key point in the quality of the fabric is the thread count. This is the number count of threads in the woven fabric per square inch.

The Egyptian cotton sheets from other countries have different thread count standards compared to US thread count standards. Be careful with imitation products from companies trying to make the exact copy of high quality sheets. Some companies are after fast profit to the point of disregarding the quality and thread count of the Egyptian cotton sheets.

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China, Egypt, India, Portugal and others have been using the standard of 2-ply to as much as 4-ply thread count claiming that their Egyptian cotton sheets are 2-4 times higher thread count more than any other product.

The difference between high quality thread count and faux thread count is that instead of the number of thread per square inch, they use cheap thread that is twisted to create a longer thread of single ply long yarn of egyptian cotton sheets king. This method is commonly applied to reduce manufacturing costs.

The Egyptian cotton is the most superior type of all the cottons, the most expensive, and presently the most popular for use in sheet sets. Make sure you choose the best bedding product, the one that will last longer, feels more comfortable, looks better and gives you the most value for your money. Search online for more information about the store of your choice, feedbacks and reviews from other satisfied customers.