Uses and Advantages of Grey Duvet Covers

If you are wondering what a grey duvet cover is, you first has to know what duvets are. The duvet is a kind of continental quilt or bedding. It is a flat and soft bag that is filled with feathers, down, wool, silk or other natural and synthetic stuffing to make a cozy bed covering, replacing bedspreads and quilts. The word duvet is actually the French word for “down”, as in bird down feathers. Duvets are similar to comforters. The only difference is that they are protected by removable and washable duvet covers, which are similar to pillow cases. The duvet has its origin from rural Europe. They were filled with the down feathers from the eider duck, which is a popular thermal insulator.

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The duvet should not be confused with the comforter. Comforters are used over the customary blankets and bed sheets while duvets are utilized by themselves.

Shopping Guide

If you are shopping for a grey duvet cover, you can find them in any online store that is selling bedding like Trina Turk Bedding. The covers are sold according to the size of your bed, just like other items of bedding, so you should know the bed size that you have before conducting your search. A grey duvet cover king will fit a king size bed, a grey duvet cover queen would fit a queen size bed and so on.

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Advantages Of The Grey Duvet Cover

Here are some of the advantages of this duvet cover:

  • A duvet will reduce the difficulty of making your bed since it is a single bed covering, instead of the various blankets, bed sheets, quilts and other bedding items that are ordinarily used. The duvet itself would fit into the grey duvet cover, which is typically made from cotton or cotton blends. It prevents the duvet itself from dirt and damages, thereby prolonging its useful life.

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  • Duvet covers are changeable. There are even designs that can be reversed, with colors and patterns that are coordinating. Thus, you can change the ambiance of the bedroom without the need to redecorate. You can buy the duvet covers as components of a set of bedding. In certain cases the duvet covers have colors and patterns that coordinate with pillowcases, bed skirt and sheets.
  • A light grey duvet cover and other types of covers are beneficial since duvets are typically non-washable. The water would deteriorate the stuffing. In contrast, a grey duvet cover can be washed along with the pillowcases and bed sheets. This maintains the freshness of the duvet. Duvet covers are secured by a tie, zip or button at one of their ends.

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When buying a duvet cover, your first concern should be the fabric and the bed size you will be putting it on. Duvets are typically more appealing if they are made from light weight materials. However, you should always take the climatic conditions and weather in your particular area.

The price of duvet covers varies so it is essential that you do your research first on the different options that are available to you.