The Allure of Turquoise Sheets

Turquoise sheets have been a mark of refinement for many cultures from time immemorial. For centuries, turquoise has been a highly prized mineral with its distinctive blue-green color. Many cultures have valued this rare and extremely desirable mineral, which was found in only isolated deposits around the world. Wherever this mineral was available, it often became associated with wealth, royalty or upper class refinement.

In modern culture, turquoise remains a truly exceptional mineral which is still a telltale sign of wealth or refinement. Although the turquoise color can now be reproduced using a variety of industrial methods, this subtle hue is still often reserved for the most elegant home settings. Turquoise is a sedate color that often imbues the environment with a calming touch and is often stylistically equated with water or the sea.

turquoise bed sheets queen size

The Ideal Bedroom Tone

Turquoise sheets are often the mark of exceptional taste. For many people from the Middle East or Asia, this color is often associated with superior refinement and elegance. Guests who view bedrooms adorned with turquoise bed sheets are often subtly awed that their hosts would provide such exquisite accommodations.

Bedrooms which sport this distinguished tone in their makeup often convey a deep sense of relaxation which helps residents transition quickly to somnolence. Turquoise sheets king or turquoise sheets queen can provide the ideal motif in a guest room where peace and tranquility are desired. A bedroom that is outfitted with this radiant color can make a guest’s visit truly a thing of joy and relaxation.

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Purchasing Sheets

You may recognize the exquisite attributes of this exceptional color, but it may remain somewhat difficult to settle on the perfect sheets. Turquoise sheets can come in a wide assortment of styles and themes, so identifying the perfect choice for your home may not be simple. You may consider various online stores and distributors such as Trina Turk Bedding so you can have assorted options.

  • The first consideration is, of course, the material. Sheets may comb in cotton, flannel, linen, satin or silk. While the most common material for bed sheets is cotton, there is some variation in the types of cotton available. Egyptian cotton, for example, is among the most beautiful and lustrous on the market; this type of cotton is also known for its high thread count which adds to its luxurious texture and long life. Cotton, flannel and linen are widely embraced for their ability to produce a comfortable sleeping experience.

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If you would like to convey a feeling of true ecstasy, the ideal material is satin or silk. Satin is an extremely smooth and glossy material which induces a tactile pleasure to the touch. Silk sheets are, of course, reserved for only the most elegant of homes where wealth is prominently displayed. As the most desirable of materials, silk is also the most pricey, but it also has surprising longevity, so it can be ideal for homeowners who would like to retain the appearance of wealth without investing continually in new bedding.

  • Your second consideration is the design. While there can be some variation in the shade, the cerulean hue of turquoise is distinctive enough that enormous variation is not possible. If you wish to convey the richness of turquoise, you are encouraged to choose bedding that is monotone in design. While many home designers prefer sheets that are without peripheral designs, others suggest that sheets can be properly adorned without significant deterioration in aesthetic appeal.

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  •  Third factor would be the purpose of the sheet. While fitted turquoise sheets are utilized to cover the mattress, flat sheets are often employed as an added layer of warmth or comfort between you and the blanket. Most designers recommend that the fitted sheet and the flat sheet match in color and design, but for the more adventurous, slight changes in the hue can be used to communicate an added sense of elegance. Bedding which utilizes a range of subtle variations in color may suggest the added sense of attention to detail by the home designer.

The Highly Rated Bamboo Sheets

The soft and luxurious Bamboo sheets are increasingly becoming popular in the market; thanks to the high level of quality possessed by these products. These elegant products are made directly from the superior fiber-yielding species of the bamboo plant. The Bamboo plants are harvested at juvenile stages of their growth and very little modifications is done to the produced fiber in the production of the bamboo bed cover and sheets. This originality is what makes bamboo bed cover and sheets some of the most sought after eco-friendly products in the market.

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The Process in Making Bamboo Sheets

With no inoculation of chemicals and fertilizers during the growing and processing of the bamboo fibers, the products have proved to be some of the most environmentally-friendly in the recent years. In the most recent times, bamboo sheets have been known to produce some of the most charming pillowcases and bed sheets, this is shown by the rising number of people demanding these home products. The pillow cases and bed sheets have a characteristic, highly-incredible softness that can only be compared to cashmere. The tender feeling obtained from the soft bamboo sheet is important for its consumers and is what many pundits put as added advantage over bed sheets made from other materials.

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Characteristics of Bamboo Sheets

Bamboo bed cover and sheets are also known to have the ability to reflect the harmful Ultra-violet Rays that are known to cause various types of cancers. This protective quality is what makes many people admire bed sheets made from bamboo fibers. The sheets also have a natural aroma that makes them possess an odor resistant capability and therefore less frequent washing needed for your pillowcases, sheets and duvet covers. This will save you time and energy that could otherwise be used in frequent cleaning of your sheets.

Bamboo sheets are also known to be naturally porous, and therefore increasing the highly needed ventilation needed during sleeping process, especially during the hot summer seasons. This leaves you feeling fresh and novel when you wake up, a feeling that is very important in determining how the rest of your day will fair.

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Bamboo bed sheets are highly regarded because of their sustainability and biodegradable properties. Most of these beddings are naturally anti-bacterial, meaning that the sheets form a very good way to protect you from bacterial infections. Although there are cases where by bamboo fibers are mixed with other clothing materials such as satin and cotton, most of bamboo bedsheets are made from 100% naturally processed bamboo fiber. Bamboo sheet are also available in different bedding closeouts. Some common closeouts include the highly rated Closeout Duvets for your bedding. This stylish closeout is specifically designed for persons with high regard for modern fashion and bedding practices. Other Closeout selections include Luxury comforters and kid’s closeout beddings that you can find very conducive for your kids.

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Organic Bamboo Sheets

Organic bamboo sheets have the advantage of being manufactured from unsurpassed renewable sources that are easily decomposed and therefore do not contribute to environ mental pollution. These bamboo bed cover and sheets are also soft, making your nights very comfortable. It is also easy to maintain and care for these natural products. This has been made possible by the simple but highly-effective fiber used in the production of these sheets. The sheets also come in different sizes and colors, giving you a wide variety to choose from. There are over one hundred colors to choose from, a perfect selection if you want the bamboo bed cover and sheets to match your bedroom color.

Sheet Sizes

The Bamboo sheets king size are well designed to cater for your king-size bed giving it a delightful look that not only shows how sophisticated you are but also complements the status of your life. The modern sets of bamboo sheets are well decorated with colorful fabrics to reach out to everyone’s taste. Some are designed with beautiful patterns aimed at making your sleep more comfortable. Another useful feature of the Bamboo sheet is that it is highly durable and can withstand months and even years of continuous washing.

 How to Shop for the Perfect Bamboo Sheets

The bedding outlet for these unique bed covers and online stores are selling bamboo bed cover and sheets at relatively lower prices. Comparing the advantages and quality of these sheets and the price at these online stores, you will surely have value for your money. Some online stores selling these valuable products also offer free shipping services for buyers. So the next time you are willing to shop for new bed sheet think of the eco-friendly bamboo bed cover and sheets.

What You Need to Know When Looking for Cheap Sheets

All throughout the day people go about doing various kinds of work. Children go to schools and colleges, men and women go to their respective working places and then return home tired. They all want to relax in a cozy bed and get rid of their weariness. Keeping this in mind, every householder takes special care to purchase the perfect types of cheap sheets that will give them real comfort.

A bedroom is one’s most private and intimate place for ultimate rest. To enjoy that heavenly luxury it is very important to get all the bedding needs from the a reliable bedding outlet such as Trina Turk Bedding. However, comfort and luxury does not imply that one has to spend a fortune on bed sheets and pillow covers or blankets. Even the best of qualities are available at cheap prices. Often, the cheap sheets come with pillow covers and sometimes with flat sheets in a set form. This makes buying easier as the colors or the prints of the set remain the same, giving the bedroom a unique look.

Before shopping for the ideal bedding, one must realize that the main idea of the bed and the bedding is to provide enough comfort and relaxation that are absolutely important for a healthy living. So if the bed sheets, pillows and the other accessories are of the best fabrics then the price paid for them will be fruitful. Hence it is important to take note of certain aspects of the cheap sheets and do a little homework before purchasing them.

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Types of fabrics generally used in the making of bedding sets:

  • Cotton

Cotton is widely preferred by most people. It is durable, as well as comfortable. The breathable attribute of this material gives it the soft texture and is able to absorb moisture easily. Egyptian cotton cheap bed sheets too are popular around the world. It has a silky smoothness and is devoid of wrinkles. Ironing is not required for these varieties. The silk sheets too are very comfortable and have a luxurious feel but they require special care to maintain them like dry wash.

  • Satin

Satin is a synthetic type of fabric that looks very elegant but is not as comfortable as cotton sheets. The cotton polyester bed sheets are wrinkle-free but when buying them one must note the thread count for that gives the materials their softness.

One must acquire adequate knowledge about the different types of fabrics that are used to make the comfortable varieties of sheets. It is important to know the price range of the different sheets. Durability and functionality must also be considered.

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If you are looking for complete bedding sets then you should not only get a mattress and cheap bed sheets but also cheap flat sheets. These are the second sheets that are spread over the mattress. These sheets too need to be of the best quality to offer comfort. The fabrics of the flat sheets also vary in material and are available in cotton, satin, silk and other materials. The breathable factor of the sheets cannot be ignored in any way. This attribute of the fibers give the smoothness of the products leading to comfort and complete rest.

What to check out when buying cheap bed sheets

When planning to buy bed sheets for the home, besides the fabrics and the thread count, one must check out the stitches carefully. They should be well woven and even. Hems and seams and double stitches should be able to give durability to the bed sheets. Moreover, if the borders are sewn well then they will lie perfectly flat on the beds.

Manufacturers present innumerable designs and prints for the customers to choose from. Sizes also vary and one must buy according to the size of his bed. Regarding the color, it all depends on the tastes and styles of the users. Some love to adorn their beds with bright floral prints while some prefer the lighter hues to create a soothing atmosphere. The cheap white sheets have a classic sophistication. They offer a fresh cooling sensation that goes to offer extra luxury and comfort. Although these are cheap sheets, one must never underestimate their quality and looks. They are of equal standard as compared to the branded bed sheets and offer endless comfort and durability that every individual looks out for.

Star Wars Sheets – The Perfect Bedding for Children

For millions of children around the world who have seen the Star Wars movies and cherished their cinematic journey to a galaxy far, far away, the perfect bedroom includes Star Wars sheets. Images of your child’s favorite movie character, whether it is Luke Skywalker or Jar Jar Binks, can be found on at least one variation of this sheet. For decades, children have gone to sleep embraced by bedding that is both comfortable and a happy reminder of one of their favorite movies.

If your children have been swept up in the Star Wars craze, then bedding which features the popular characters, landscapes or space ships may be a necessity. Many younger children may find greater peace and comfort surrounded by these images, allowing them to drift off more easily. It may even be an encouraging way to help them acquire friends who share their enthusiasm for this popular movie franchise.

cool star wars sheets

What Parents Should Consider

Shopping for your kids may not be easy, especially if they are at that stage when they need the exact desire of their heart. Fortunately, Star Wars sheets aren’t likely to be something you wish to hide under the Christmas tree as a surprise; you can safely involve your child in the selection process. Visiting a variety of online portals such as Trina Turk Bedding can help ensure that you purchase sheets that match their desires and avoid the hassle of rushing back to the store.

The first consideration for any purchase should be what type of imagery is included. There is a vast universe of Star Wars characters, ships and planets which have been produced by the six motion pictures, a horde of books and the popular children’s cartoon series. Sitting down with your child and having them help select the imagery they desire, removes the possibility of disappointment.

Just as this science fiction universe is vastly populated, so too is the universe of product tie-ins. You and your child may have to peruse numerous online and brick-and-mortar retailers to discover an image that satisfies him or her. It is important to clarify to your child that the online image may not be indicative of what the actual product looks like. Some product photos may crop the image of the sheet in order to show only a piece of the whole picture. Show them multiple images so they will understand what the sheet will look like in its entirety. If they are enthralled by a Han Solo, but he is only a minor character on the tapestry, they may not be satisfied with their selection.

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Size is another important consideration when shopping for Star Wars bed sheets. If your child is due for a growth spurt, you may have to think long and hard whether to purchase Star Wars sheets twin size, or Star Wars sheets queen size. Luckily, most manufacturers provide both options for their products; if they don’t it may take some negotiating with your child to determine what is more important to them—size or design.

Other Factors

While your child may be primarily concerned about whether Luke or Han is on their bed, you are probably more concerned about how well your child rests at night. What type of material the Star Wars sheets are manufactured from can be critical to how many times he or she may wake up at night.

For younger children who are still wrestling with control over their bodies, it may be wise to consider sheets which are durable but amenable to repeated washings. Depending if your child is naturally hot-blooded or more cold-blooded, or if you live in a colder part of the country, you may wish to emphasize warmth. Cotton sheets are usually the ideal material for children, but more heat retentive forms of cotton like flannel can be particularly useful for children who get cold easily.

A final consideration for purchasing bed sheets is pricing. Most children do not comprehend cost like parents so it may not influence their choice, but it may affect yours. Star Wars is a popular theme among children and this allows manufacturers to set elevated prices on most of these products. Not only is the demand for these products high, but manufacturers have to kick part of their profits back to the owners of the Star Wars rights in the form of licensing fees. So you should be aware that purchasing Star Wars sheets can be a pricey adventure. If this poses a problem, you may wish to select products within your price range beforehand and only show those to your child.

A Buying Guide for Cool Sheets to Keep Yourself Comfortable

Instead of swapping your bedding every season, you can simply buy cool sheets to protect yourself from summer heat while sleeping in your air-conditioned room. You need to choose sheets that won’t make the night even hotter than it already is. You should get rid your flannel bedding, go through this article to learn more about buying cool bed sheets and stay comfortable on hot summer nights.

Go For Natural Fibers

Fabrics that come from natural fibers are always more breathable. Therefore, they are able to wick away perspiration. Natural fibers keep you dry and cool. On the other hand, synthetic bed sheets don’t allow ventilation. Pure cotton and cotton blends including satin, jersey and percale are comfortable, affordable and durable. The highest quality sheets that keep you cool are made usually from pure Egyptian cotton. They are woven from smooth yarns and harvested in Egypt.

best cool sheets

In addition to this, silk sheets are also perfect for summertime. They regulate your body temperature and feel really great on your skin. However, silk sheets can be quite expensive. Linen also breathes well and gives a natural cooling effect. But it wrinkles easily and therefore, you should choose a linen bed sheet carefully. You should consider all the pros and cons of any fabric before settling with that.

Choose Appropriate Weight

Although silk and satin cool sheets are lightweight, they tend to insulate and trap heat. This is because they are draped closer to your body. On the other hand, percale sheets are heavier, but allow for more circulation. Therefore, they can be a much better choice than silk and satin sheets. Moreover, heavyweight sheets are always more durable than their counterparts.

Don’t Get Fooled by Thread Count Hype

In recent years, most people have been caught up in the hype related to thread count. People think that sheets with higher thread count are always better. However, this is not always true. Sheets with a higher thread count don’t let air pass freely. Besides this, they also trap heat underneath. It will be better to choose a sheet with 300-400 thread count for summertime. If possible, you should try to feel the fabric first-hand. It will tell you how the fabric would feel against your skin.

Choose Light Colors

For stay cool sheets, you should always choose light colors. Light colored sheets reflect more light that comes into your bedroom through windows. Since they don’t absorb much light, they feel cool. Light colored sheets are also very easy to bleach. However, you should always wash light colored sheets with lukewarm water. If possible, light colored sheets should be dried on a line outdoors for an amazing shine.

Some Excellent Fabrics for Cool Sheets

Pure Cotton – Pure cotton sheets have always been popular because of their smooth texture. They are more breathable and allow more air circulation. Cotton sheets are also very durable and last a long time. They can be bought online at affordable prices. Trina Turk Bedding offers a variety of sheets made from this material and it’s definitely worth checking out.

trina turk bedding twin xl

Egyptian Cotton – Egyptian cotton is high-quality. In fact, it is the most luxurious fabric with soft and tender feel.

Silk – Silk always proves to be a good choice. In fact, they can also be used during winters without any problems. However, silk bed sheets are always very expensive. Thus, they may not be used for daily use.

Bed lines should always be cleaned in lukewarm or cold water. You should never use synthetic and harsh detergents. You should use mild detergents with a clean, soothing pattern. They should be able to prevent any damage to the fabric. You should never use a lot of soap with cool sheets. Moreover, you should never over dry your bed linens. Try to take them out of your dryer. Dry and flip them right away to prevent any sort of wrinkles on your bed linens.

When buying bed sheets, you can visit a store to take a first-hand look and feel of the fabric. However, this can be quite expensive. If you want to save some money, you should buy bed sheets from online stores. Online stores always offer bed sheets at affordable prices and discounted rates. Moreover, you can go through reviews and testimonials to gather information about the quality of bed sheets being sold by a particular dealer.

Choosing Your Egyptian Cotton Sheets

People shopping for bed linens prefer buying Egyptian cotton sheets even if they have a wider range of fabric options to choose from.

Bed sheets fabrics can be:

  • cotton,
  • sateen, 
  • Pima 
  • Egyptian. 

Learning more about those options will help you choose the most comfortable sheet. The quality and feel of a sheet is determined by the way the fabric is woven, from what fiber is made, and the thread count.

Cotton is the most common fiber for bed sheets, with its three main varieties:

the best bedding outlet

  • Pima, 
  • American Upland, 
  • Egyptian. 

The most used cotton is the American Upland. Pima is long-staple cotton with fine texture, and it yields a very soft weave. The finest and longest-staple of all is the Egyptian cotton. The Egyptian cotton is grown in the Nile River Valley and can produce an extremely soft and supple weave. Egyptian cotton materials have a luxurious reputation of the fabric. The market for them is at an all-time high. Many people prefer buying the Egyptian sheets for their high quality.

To be sure you choose the best Egyptian cotton sheets you need to search for the bedding outlet that provides the best quality at an affordable price. But of course, you get what you pay for. Manufacturing and importing of the world’s best cotton is expensive so you need to expect that pricing would reflect that accordingly.

Quality with thread counts

Learn more about the Egyptian cotton bed sheets in order to be prepared to choose wisely.

One key point in the quality of the fabric is the thread count. This is the number count of threads in the woven fabric per square inch.

The Egyptian cotton sheets from other countries have different thread count standards compared to US thread count standards. Be careful with imitation products from companies trying to make the exact copy of high quality sheets. Some companies are after fast profit to the point of disregarding the quality and thread count of the Egyptian cotton sheets.

turquoise egyptian cotton sheets

China, Egypt, India, Portugal and others have been using the standard of 2-ply to as much as 4-ply thread count claiming that their Egyptian cotton sheets are 2-4 times higher thread count more than any other product.

The difference between high quality thread count and faux thread count is that instead of the number of thread per square inch, they use cheap thread that is twisted to create a longer thread of single ply long yarn of egyptian cotton sheets king. This method is commonly applied to reduce manufacturing costs.

The Egyptian cotton is the most superior type of all the cottons, the most expensive, and presently the most popular for use in sheet sets. Make sure you choose the best bedding product, the one that will last longer, feels more comfortable, looks better and gives you the most value for your money. Search online for more information about the store of your choice, feedbacks and reviews from other satisfied customers.

The Many Options on Flannel Sheets

Flannel sheets, which are well known for their ability to keep you warm during chilly nights, are finally back in the market. These important home products have proved to be very important during the cold months of fall and winter seasons. It is not the first time that these valuable products are making a comeback in the market since the end of World War II.

Brief History

There was a short comeback of these sheets at the end of the 19th century; which did not last long because of the various logistical difficulties that the production of this product need at that time. There was massive production of nylon products at that time, making the production of the sheets economically non-productive.

 It would be important to note that the second comeback of flannel sheets is surely going to rock the world of bed sheets as the demand for quality bed sheets made from cozy and naturally warm fabric rises. Reliable sources of bed sheet facts show that these sheets are now selling more than many other bed sheets made from different materials such as silk or satin.

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Distinguishing Characteristics

The surge in sales of these luxurious bed products is largely owed to the high-quality sheets produced by the manufactures. If you are new to flannel-based sheets, here are some of the qualities that set them apart from their counterparts:

  • There are sheets that are half-cotton, half-flannel. This dual nature adopted by such sheets, give them rare properties that are important in ensuring comfort and warmth during cold days and nights.
  • The natural textures of these sheets hold tiny pockets of air between the person sleeping and the bed and therefore as a result, trap adequate heat that you really need, in spite of the freezing condition created by the weather outside.
  • The increasing demand for these sheets made from the naturally warm fabric is believed to be due to the high durability nature of flannel materials.
  • The sheets resist pilling, wrinkling and fading.
  • The products are also made to accommodate thick mattresses that require close and continuous checkups.

Popular Varieties

The sheets, whose vivid colors continue to spur the imagination of many bed sheet-aficionadas, continue to amaze more and more people because of the wonderful sense of comfort they bring when one is snugly wrapped inside them. There are over one hundred and fifty varieties of these sheets that are crafted with different colors, with bright white, cream and yellow colors being the most common. Some of the top-selling varieties are comprehensively described below.

  • Ordinary Flannel – The green and blue flannel sheets are doing well in the market.
  • Queen Size Flannel – Flannel sheets queen are specifically made for extra large beds that require extra-large bed sheets. These sheets are bigger in size than other normal sheets and can only be comparable to the California king size bed sheets that is mostly found in master bedrooms.

flannel sheets twin

  • King Size Flannel – The sheets for king size beds are mostly used in luxurious homes and hotels. The king size flannel sheets are stylishly designed for extra large mattresses that are used in these beds.
  • Crib Sheets – Flannel crib sheets are small in size and specifically designed for small beds. These might be your kids’ beds or the young infants’ bed. The rising demand of these sheets has led to the introduction of high quality bedding sets that are well designed to make your baby comfortable when sleeping on them. The extra-soft feature of these sheets makes them appropriate for days-old babies.
  • Commercial Flannel – There are a number of sheets that have been considered to be the best flannel sheets in the market. Some of the highly regarded flannel-based sheets include the Pinzon 160-Gram Solid Flannel Set, the SDH Purists Queen Supreme Flannel Set and the up to date Columbia Solid Flannel Sheet Set. These three are just but a few chosen from a wider collection that consist of over one hundred varieties. Some of these sheets are waterproof, a quality that is rarely found in sheets made of other materials.


Apart from those aforementioned above, it would also be important to note that these products are available at major bedding outlets and online stores like Trina Turk Bedding at relatively low prices. Most flannel sheets are machine washable and have an extra soft touch that is not easily found in sheets made from other materials. Furthermore, it is also important to know that you should look at the manufacturers’ requirements before machine washing your flannel sheet in order to avoid fading of the original color.

Buying and Maintaining Your King Size Bed Sheets

King size beds may seem too extravagant for some; but for others, it is more of a necessity. This is because it is considered as the largest size of bed available in the market at present. To ensure comfort and good night’s sleep every night in your king bed, one must get the right king size bed sheets for his “evening sanctuary”. However, this task is not always easy for everyone; especially if this is their first time to experience so.

Bed Sheets and Weather Conditions

Climatic conditions can be unpredictable. There are times when you feel extremely cold at one point of time during the day, and suddenly the temperature rises and starts giving you sweat. If you also live in a country, where temperature keeps playing those little tricks on you, especially during winters, then you probably should consider putting on warm sheets on your bed to keep it warm and cozy.

king size bed sheets sets

Winter months can be really harsh on your body and skin. Thus, having decent king size bed sheets becomes a necessity, than a luxury. Beginning from November to March, these sheets are a great way to invite warm and comfort in your bedroom. These sheets keep your bed warm and cozy throughout the day and night.

However, this kind of bedding pick is a bit expensive and lots of people resists investing in it. But with proper care, you can save your investment and make your sheets last longer. However, before this article guides you on proper maintenance and care of your sheets, you must take a look at some points that will help you buy best flannel sheets for your home.

Tips to Choose the Top Quality King Size Bed Sheets

Buying a quality bed sheet from reputable sources like Trina Turk Bedding is important to ensure it lasts long and fulfill the purpose intended. There are number of companies that provide best California king size bed sheets; as well as sheets for king size bed, but it is not important to use only the high end ones. There are many home furnishing companies, which are not as popular as other well-known ones, but deliver equally, in fact better quality products. Here are some pointers to consider when looking to buy decent bed sheets for a king bed:

  • The best bed sheets are those that have heavy 100% cotton tag.
  • It is preferable to choose yarn-dyed fabric instead of those that are printed. The yard dyed ones are considered to be more durable in terms of color and fading.
  • Good quality king size bed sheets are tightly woven. While holding them up to the light, you shouldn’t be able to easily see through them.
  • Buy only those sheets that have a good fabric weight. Bed sheets with a fabric weight of 5 to 6 ounces per yard are considered to be of highest quality.

Washing and Caring Tips

As important as it is to buy a good quality sheet, it is equally important to pay proper attention on their upkeep. Take a look at these simple, yet effective washing tips for your bed sheets king size.

trina turk bedding belk

  • It is advised to wash them only in lukewarm water. It should neither be too hot, nor too cold.
  • Use only mild detergent to wash your sheets, so the colors don’t fade.
  • Strictly avoid using bleaches or other harsh alternatives to remove stains or spills.
  • Do not forget to use liquid fabric softener during the rinse to help keep your sheets feeling soft and comfortable.
  • Do not leave your sheets in the dryer for long. Too much heat can cause wrinkles, leaving your sheet giving a harsh feeling. Moreover, too much heat from the dryer will break down the rubber elastic. 
  • It is better not to use the dryer. Simply hang them up and let them dry naturally. It will add freshness to the sheet as well.

Keep in mind all these tips and techniques, if you really wish to invest in good king size bed sheets. Buying a bed sheet for your king bed can be a tricky and expensive venture; therefore, you must make sure that you make all the right moves in order to make most out of your investment.

Warm bed sheets, indeed are a very good way to keep you feeling comfortable and cozy, even during extreme weather conditions. Whether, it is winters or spring, these sheets will help you get a good night sleep, especially after a good hectic day at work. So next time you decide to buy and wash your sheet, do not forget to refer again to the above given tips. By the way, happy shopping!

Getting the Best Bed Sheets

In order to get that comfortable much needed sleep, one needs the best bed sheets available on the market. White cotton bed sheets are now a thing of the past. While cotton is still the material recommended by experts, manufacturers have found a way to make the bedroom a fun and exciting place by adding colors and patterns in the bed sheets.

Qualities of a Good Bed Sheet

The best quality bed sheet offers not only comfort but style, durability and a good night’s rest. They are easy to wash and maintain and don’t crease when you lie on them. So what are the qualities that make a sheet a bed sheet the best?

  •  Thread count – The best bed sheet should have a minimum thread count of 200 but preferably 280 to 400, you can check this on the label. Thread count refers to the number of threads that run up and across every square inch of a fabric. The more the thread count the higher the price but it’s a worthwhile investment because the higher the count the softer and more comfortable the sheet is. A fabric with a high thread count is more absorbent and doesn’t shrink.


trina turk bedding coral

  • Material – Cotton is still considered the best material for fabrics that touch the skin directly such as bed sheets. Cotton is smooth and comfortable, easy to wash and dries fast not to mention it can be ironed and doesn’t crease. There are many types of cotton like Egyptian, Supima, organic and 100 % cotton so it’s your pick. Silk and flannel are also known to make the best bed sheet ever because they are cozy and luxurious. Materials like sateen and jacquard are pricy for nothing because they are not durable and they snag easily.


  • Source – Best bed sheet should be bought in a reliable store. The sheets should be printed with a brand name and the manufacturer’s logo. If you shop online you should research more about the best quality bed sheets at discounted prices to avoid buying fakes.


  • Size – Having in mind that sheets shrink after the first wash, the best bed sheet should be larger than the actual bed in width and length. Take the measurements of your bed all sides before you go shopping and then add thirty centimeters to each.


  • Maintenance – A good bed sheet should be easy to maintain and take care of. One should be able to wash it at home and not at the dry cleaners because that’s costly. Check the laundering instructions before you buy to ensure you can be able to take care of them.

Caring for Bed Sheets

In order to appropriately care of your new bed sheets, you need to follow the manufacturer’s instructions in the label. In case you still do not know, there are materials that are ruined by hot water, ironing or even dry cleaning. Different materials should be handled as follows to make sure they remain the best bed sheets ever even after long period of use.

best bed sheets reviews

  • Silk should strictly be dry cleaned but on delicate cycle, washing them at home will destroy them.
  • The rest of the materials can be washed at home but make sure that you wash them at least once a week.
  • Avoid using bleach at all costs.
  • Wash in either cool or warm water.
  • Use as little detergent as possible because they are harsh on the fabric.
  • Dry them when the sun is not too hot and take them from the line or the drier just before they dry completely.
  • Fold the sheets as soon as they are dry to avoid creasing and unnecessary ironing. Only linens require ironing.

Where to Buy Best Bed Sheet

Most people spend at least 8 hours a day in bed. A good quality bed sheet plays a big role in making sure you rest well and therefore they are a good investment. So where can one buy amazing bed sheets at an affordable price?

Trina Turk Bedding is one of those places, on the online portal you can choose bed sheets from their wide variety, make an order and after their easy payment methods you will receive your best bed sheets in the world at a discounted price. In these outlets, you will find stylish bed sheets of all colors and designs that will give you superior comfort and can hold up through the nightly wear and the many trips to the washer.

Sheets Thread Count – What Do They Mean?

Whether you need to deal with cold climatic conditions, or increase your comfort during sleeping hours, sheets thread count will play a major role. Thread count for the sheet you purchase will ultimately determine whether you get the much needed comfort or not. Basically, threat count means the number of threads in one square inch of the sheet you are buying. If for instance the thread count for the sheet you intend to buy is 200, it means that there are 200 threads in each square inch of the sheet which you are buying.

What Effects Do Thread Count Have?

There are many reasons why thread count do vary from one sheet to another. The following are some of these reasons.

  • Texture – The thread count of sheet affects the smoothness or roughness of the sheet you need to purchase. The more the number of thread count, the smoother the sheet is. For instance, the thread count sheet of 200 is smoother than the ones with a thread count of 80. If therefore you are going to the market to purchase a sheet that will be smoother, it is important to consider high thread count sheets. Such sheets will offer you the comfort you need.

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  • Warmth – The number of thread count in a sheet will also affect the warmth of the particular sheet. The rule is that the more the number of sheets thread count is, the higher the level of warmth the sheets will have. Therefore, if you are purchasing sheets to cover you from winter climatic conditions, the sheets with highest thread count should be the best choice. This is because they will give you the highest level of warmth that you deserve at the moment.
  • Cost – The cost of sheets also differs depending on the number of thread count in a sheet. The more the thread count, the higher the cost of the sheet. It is important to note though too that the services offered by sheets with highest thread count sheets are very good as compared to lower count thread sheets. When in the market therefore, you should not always look at the cost alone, but also the services you are going to get from the sheets.
  • Durability – Sheets thread count also affects the durability of the sheets you are purchasing. In most cases, sheets with low thread count are likely to worn out faster than the ones with high thread count. This is basically because of the difference in concentration of thread count in square inch of sheets.

What Type Of Sheets Should You Purchase?

In order to settle for best thread count sheets, you need to look at your personal needs. It is possible for you to purchase a sheet only to be frustrated later. That is why it is very important to do the needed assessment before settling on the sheet to purchase.

If for instance you would like to enhance your comfort during winter, it is good to go for high count thread sheets. Such sheets will give you comfort at the same time ensure that your get enough warmth for those cold nights. Remember that the best sheet is not always with the lowest or highest thread counts, but rather the one which fits your situation properly. If therefore you are not able to establish what sheet will be the best for you, you can ask the customer care representative.

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Where to Purchase Sheets

You need to purchase sheets from reputable sources like Trina Turk bedding that offer the most decent selections. Even so, you need to establish the best outlet for bedding before starting making purchases. The best bedding outlet will enable you have many choices to make in terms of the type of sheets you need. For instance, the store will offer you sheets made of different materials and of different thread counts. Through this, you can be able to make informed choices.

Once you have identified the best bedding sheets outlet, you can go ahead and make purchases. You can choose to do that either via online means or via retail buying. In the end though, it doesn’t matter what method of buying you embrace since both methods are effective.


It doesn’t matter whether you use the blankets to cover yourself during the night or for other purposes, sheets will always play a major important role in that. You need to purchase the best sheets so as to supplement your blankets and effectively make your night even more enjoyable. Even as you do that, it is important to note the role sheets thread count plays in successful purchase of the sheets.