Luxury Linens that Make your Guests Leave with a Smile

Are you connected with the hospitality industry? If yes, you would definitely like to spoil your guests and make them feel luxurious and pampered. Running a business of this nature is indeed a daunting task and requires the highest levels of dedication and effort to create the right experience –and make your clients leave with a smile. It is the little things that make a difference between “luxurious appeal” and one that proves to be “ordinary”. Be it your well tucked- in-bed or elegantly laid out breakfast table—luxury linens are certainly indispensible and help you achieve higher pinnacles of success.

Make a better impression with luxury linens

Bedcovers, sheets, pillow cases, towels and luxury table linens are all important parts of your bedroom suite and can greatly impact your guest’s quality of stay and how they perceive your hospitality services. Snuggling inside soft and clean sheets or wrapping up in a warm, cozy towel is a part of the experiences of staying in a luxury hotel or resort—and you as a provider need to take care of the same.

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High quality luxury linen may cause a dent in your pocket, but then they prove to be durable and will keep looking good for a long time to come. And yes, they also go a long way in making your guests feel happy and get full value for their money. There are no points for guessing that this in turn leads to higher revenue generation and better bottom line figures for your business. Best luxury linens and accessories create high customer loyalty with the right impression.

Choosing the best hotel luxury linens

Are you planning to visit Trina Turk Bedding? If yes, then you must have some guidelines up your sleeve before you get set to pay for your luxury bed linens, table clothes or other essential requirements.

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First of all, look for high quality within affordable prices. With a myriad range of fabrics, colors, textures and designs on display, you can choose the best linens that match your budget and preference alike. However, you need to let yourself travel into the deepest realms of luxury and choose only those linen pieces that personify elegance, comfort and grace—and in more ways than one.

You can also choose to go through the exhaustive e-catalogs published by online bedding stores and portals dealing in the best linen fit for the hospitality industry. 

Points to consider while choosing linen

High quality luxury linens and beddings are crucial for having a good night’s sleep. However, choosing the best linen for the cause can prove to be overwhelming and confusing. Well, like it or not, you need to have a fair idea of the weave, size, thread count, allergy-proofing and material types. The list of factors is indeed unending and requires a lot of good research and study on your part.

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  • Man made poly cotton or natural cotton blends?

Before you ask the salesman to pack up your selection, pause for a while and take a good look at the bedding fibers once again. Cotton, linen, silk and other organic fibers are produced by natural methods and are more “breathable.” Cotton sheets are the best as they allow moisture to evaporate and help your guests look forward to a comfortable stay.

In contrast, Poly Cotton percale sheets or duvet covers made from polyesters and acrylics are blended with a low percentage of cotton and are easier to maintain and wash. Synthetic fibers are cheaper than their organic counterparts and are considered more durable and perfect for small guest houses and hotels.

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  • Look out for the correct thread count

If you are ready to go into smaller details, then you need to ask for the thread count as well. Reputed bedding stores boast of a large range of 200-2000 threads per square inch. Remember, a higher thread count offers more softness and luxury and is the best choice for luxury hotels and other accommodations.

Luxurious linens go a long way in providing your guest with the best experiences. Get your list in place and start your search for the most luxurious sheets, table cloths, towels and pillow cases within your reach.

How to Choose the Best Linen Sheets

You can really tell the difference between a great night and good night’s sleep with the linen sheets you use. Using the best bed sheets helps one achieve adequate sleep and good amount of rest. However, your bedroom does not need to be too sophisticated to get the maximum relaxation you need to get rid of those fatigue and tiredness you have acquired from strenuous work or activities. You just have to take into account the most important features of a bed sheet set that will provide you comfort and ease.

When you are in search for a bedding outlet that will offer you the best bedding set for your bedroom, do not forget to keep in mind the following factors that will help make a wise decision in picking the best linen sheets.

  • Color and pattern

Colors and patterns play a key role in achieving comfort and serenity inside your sleeping haven. White is the most common bed sheet color, although color and pattern preferences have changed substantially through the years. There is a wide array of color and pattern combinations to choose from, and you can always find several sets that can perfectly blend well with your furniture, wall paper or flooring.

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If you want a clean, contemporary bedroom look, pick linen bed sheets that will match with the lines and style of the furniture. For a serene mood that suits your decorating style, combine white and brown linens. This pair is a perfect and timeless color combination.

 You can also play with patterns and colors to achieve a livelier bedding style by mixing checks, circles, dots and diamond patterns held together by color. Likewise, tangerine linens may be combined with blue ones to craft a playful mood which may match with your traditional headboard and wallpaper. If you opt to be bolder, choose orange or tangerine linens as you can easily accent it with blue furniture, wallpaper or bed covers.

  • Thread count

You’ve hear about the latest linen sheets sale in the town, so before you join in it is advisable to consider also the thread count of the bed sheets you will be picking. Thread count refers to the amount of thread used to create horizontal and vertical rows on the bed sheet’s fabric.

Bedding sheets may come in single or two-ply. One thread is used for single-ply sheets to create vertical and horizontal rows, while two threads are twisted together to make same number of rows for a two-ply sheet set. Furthermore, fitted bed sheets are more preferred than flat sheets since they have four elastic corners that hold on to the four edges of the mattress to keep the sheet in place firmly. You just need to ensure that the size of your linen should be exactly the same with your mattress to avoid sagging of the sheets or elasticity of its corners.

  • Materials

Cotton is the most common material used for making bed sheets because it is hardwearing and easy to clean. At present, bed sheet outlets now offer a variety of sheets made from different fabric materials such as polyester, Egyptian cotton sateen, poly cotton, combed cotton, flannel, and percale. Most of the time, the softness and quality of the fabric are the factors used in the determining bed sheets with the best texture.

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Aside from thread count and fabric material information, you can also make an educated guess as to the feel or texture of the sheet by considering the weaving technique, yarn size or cotton quality.

Caring for your linen sheets

Now that you know how to choose the best linens for your bed room, caring for them is also essential to keep them durable and undamaged for several years.

Although vacuuming is the best option to get rid of all the dirt without damaging the threads of the linen sheets, it is still recommended that you wash your bedding sheets every week using the washing machine. However, you have to take into account the guidelines provided by the manufacturer on ironing, drying and washing them. During washing, separate bed linens with strong colors from lighter or white sheets to avoid bleeding of colors. It also ideal to choose linen sheets which are easy to wash and care like plain dye bed sheets because they have easy care properties and they can be washed in a washing machine without need of ironing.

Bedding Shopping at a Linen Outlet

Many people may visit a linen outlet in their quest to achieving a good night sleep, as they have heard that the nice crisp feeling that comes from sleeping on clean linens can provide much needed respite. When it comes to luxury, linen bedding is often the choice for celebrities, first class hotels and the well-informed sleepers who consider it the ultimate material for comfort and sophistication.

Linen comes from the flax plant and has been in use since ancient times and many people have come to love its amazing qualities today, just as they did back then. Linen bedding is widely available at very reasonable prices in many linen outlets nationwide such as Trina Turk Bedding which is both a designer linen outlet and a linen factory outlet. This simply means that you can buy quality designer bedding and accessories at the cheapest prices possible.

Why Linen Bedding?

  • Linen bedding has anti-histamine properties according to scientific studies and is highly recommended for young, old and invalid.


  • Linen bedding has excellent circulating, absorbing and filtering abilities due to the unique way in which the material is woven and is therefore good for people with sensitive or injured skin.

  • Due to its high absorption rate, linen bedding can take in a considerable amount of moisture without actually feeling cold against your skin, and will thus always feel relaxing and enjoyable to sleep in, even for those who sweat a lot.

  • Linen is a tough material which makes linen bedding a sound investment because it can outlast any other fabric out there.

  • Linen bedding is a good conductor of heat and has a high porosity which keeps away the cold in winter and helps you stay cool in the summer.

  • Owning bed sheets made of pure linen has always been and will always be a mark of success that anyone would be proud of and want to brag about. Linen sheets have also had a touch of the exotic.

Why visit a linen outlet?

Linen outlet stores are probably the best option for those looking for a one-stop destination to make all their linen purchases. From here you will not only be able to purchase linen sheets, but you will also get bargains on matching accessories like duvets, blankets, mattress covers and many others. Their staff will always be at hand to provide valuable advice on how to make your linen bedding last longer. Such advice includes things like always wearing your pajamas to bed, and changing your bed sheets at least once a week. Linen sheets have a unique, distinct texture that make them feel delightfully soft to the touch, and this softness is only enhanced by washing. The fabrics luster increases with each wash. Changing the linen sheets on a regular basis can allow for a comfortable and clean feeling bed and prevent the buildup of grime and sweat.

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They will probably also advise you to buy a spare set of linen bedding so you can have something to spread on your bed while the old bedding is being washed and dried. It is from a linen outlet that you can also obtain information on the recommended way of washing your linen bedding to ensure that it lasts as long as possible and prevent it from getting any damage. Linen bedding should be immediately ironed after they are dry to ensure they maintain their crispiness.

In conclusion:

An outlet offers its customers a wide array of linen items in all shapes, sizes and prices to satisfy all their individual needs and requirements. They also offer the widest variety of patterns available anywhere and you will always be surrounded with several choices while making your selection. Bedding outlets will employ only the highest caliber of highly trained and capable staff to enable them to satisfactorily meet any request or query that their customers may have.

Linen and bedding outlets will make it possible to experience the luxury of the old-style hotel linen in your home. So, no matter how you decide to use your linen, the full range of selections that an outlet can provide will never be a disappointment.

Tips for Picking Discount Linens

Discount linens are an excellent option when you want to get many at low prices. However, simply because you want to save some money, does not mean you have to settle for substandard items. So even if you are working with a tight budget, it is still possible to get beautiful linen for your home. There are a few useful tips that you can use when you want to buy linen at a bargain.

Decide which Discount Linens you need

The first thing you need to do is walk around your house and decide which linens you need. If you are looking to do a major home makeover, then you might decide to get new linen for all the rooms. However, you can just decide to get discount table linens for your living room only or replace the linens that look worn out. It is essential to come up with a comprehensive list of all the linen you need so that you can make a budget.

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Choose the Bedding Outlet

Once you have decided on which linen you want, you can go ahead and choose the bedding outlet where you will buy from. There are so many stores that stock linen items but you need to ensure that they have quality items. You do not want to buy something that is cheap but will not serve you for a long time. Here are a couple of things you can consider when choosing a bedding outlet:

  • The variety of items they have in stock should be many so that you have room to choose something that suits your taste.

  • They should have quality items being sold at a discount. If there is a sale, then the better since you will get good linen at a fraction of the original price.

  • They should stock the type of linen that you are interested in.

  • For example, if you want discount wedding linens, they should have a section where you can choose this from.

Choose the Discount linens

After picking the right store, the next step is to go ahead and choose the particular discount linens you will buy. This decision is quite important since the linen you buy will be a part of your home. You are going to use them for a long time to come and you need to ensure you have made the right decision. Here is a list you can use to help you pick the right linen for your home:

  • Colors are important when picking out linen. If you want to color code your house and rooms, you might want to pick linens of the same color.

    • On the other hand, you can decide to go with a different theme color for each room. At this point, it might be wise to consult with other members of the family on which colors they would like.

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  • Apart from color, you can also consider the patterns on the linen. These play an important role in determining how your home looks like.

    • A simple rule is that when you get horizontal patterns they make the beds or tables covered look wider. The opposite applies for vertical patterns. There are also abstract items that you can get to minimize the illusion aspect.

  • When picking discount bed linens, you need to think of the sizes. Beds are made in standard sizes which determine the size of linens that will be used on them.

    • Before you set out to buy any bedding, you need to ascertain the size of each bed. There is nothing worse than buying linens only to get home and realize they are too small.

  • The fabric used to make the linen is also another thing to consider.

    • These include natural fibers and synthetic one. The cost of the linen can also help you decide which ones to buy.

    • You should set a budget so that you can stick to it as you are shopping.

You can easily change the décor in your home by buying a few quality linen items. You can get discount linens from bedding outlets online for your living room, bedrooms and even for events such as wedding. All you have to do is follow the above few guidelines and you will get the best linens.

Tips When Looking for Hotel Linens

Hotels have come up with witty ways to get the much needed advantage over other players in the industry. Bargain deals, exquisite service, lavish interior design and client based service provision are some of the methods being used to attract customer. This however can be a waste of time if you do not focus on what is important, or rather if you avoid the simple things about the provision of the services. Bedding linen is a very important part of room service. People take pride in enjoying a good night’s rest after a long day in a comfortable bed. Hotel linens are therefore an area of interest for players in the hotel industry. They not only offer customer satisfaction, if in good quality, but they also have a sense of status to them.

How to choose the right hotel linens

Hotel bed linens include items such as duvets, pillow cases, bed sheets, bed skirts, mattress comforters and throw blankets. The high quality of these products is what exactly makes them hotel luxury linens. Purchase of these linens is also dependent on the sizes of beds you have. There are linens for all sizes of beds. That being said, it is therefore important to buy the right size for the right bed. There are also other factors that influence the selection of hotel linens.

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  • Mattress size

The linen should be able to fit the bed size you are using. This is one way through which you are able to choose from a variety of items. A quality mattress should also be part of the equation. This ensures that the client gets a comfortable rest. Ideally, the bed shouldn’t be smaller than the mattress and the opposite is true. The mattress quality should also be checked to maintain a comfort level of the bed. Uneven mattresses have been known to cause back pains as well as neck problems.

  • Color

The color of the wall as well as the paintings in the room, can also determine what color of hotel linens for sale, you are supposed to consider. Similarly, the kind of clientele you are targeting also determines the colors of linens you are going to purchase.

  • Material

Silk and satin are materials that are used to make bedding, and material that is associated with royalty. They also offer a smooth feel and a relaxed atmosphere. This is exactly what you want for your clients. Other materials like cotton and wool can be used for heavier bedding. These may include duvets, quilts and other similar items.

  • Print

Print on bedding is a great way to communicate non-verbally. A love heart on a bed cover or a duvet with animal print colors could add the character that is required to your hotel rooms.

  • Price

Your budget should be a major factor to consider and especially since the hotel is a running business that needs to make profits. Although quality items are often associated with high prices, you can get good bargains for the same items at wholesale stores as well as clearance sales. This is a good opportunity for you to lay your hands on a variety of bedding at a bargain price.

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Why consider the above factors

Choosing the right bedding is important, not only for the comfort factor but also for health reasons. Some people are allergic to certain materials and that is why you should choose materials that appeal to a wide range of people. Similarly, poor bedding and linens could lead to aches and pains in the back and neck areas. Proper bedding and room décor is also a show of character and creativity.

It is also important to remember that human beings are naturally drawn to things that somewhat improve their image or social status. It is therefore important for you to create an image of class for your hotel through the bedding and furniture offered, away from other issues. Trina Turk Bedding is a great option to consider. It offers advice on bedding materials, varieties and types. If you are stranded as to which bedding to purchase, information can be found at this website that could be of help to you.

Linen Bedding – What Sets it Apart From the Rest of the Fabrics

Linen Bedding has been a darling for many people for a long time now. This is because of its unique qualities that are not found in any other fabrics. These unique qualities have made linen the number one choice for many people even as time passes by. In fact, as time goes, the popularity of linen increases. 

Reasons Why Linen Remains Popular Among Many People

  • DurabilityLinen bedding lasts for longer more than most if not all fabrics. For instance, linen bedding sets can last up to 100 years if well-taken care of. This is what is called getting the value of your money. Once you have bought the bedding, you enjoy services for long, reduce trips to the store to purchase beddings and reinvest the saved amount into other productive development agendas. 

  • Texture – Linen remains soft even after numerous washes. In fact, the more you wash your linen, the smoother it becomes. This eliminates roughness thus enabling you to sleep peacefully without any problem.

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  • Universal – Linen has been known to regulate body temperature according to weather changes. It, for instance, becomes warmer during winter and cooler during summer. This makes the bedding universally applicable to any weather conditions. This means that you don’t have to change from one bedding to another just to curb harsh weather conditions. This in turn reduces your budget thus encouraging resource saving. 

  • Healthy Benefits – linen is a natural antiseptic which eliminates any possibilities of bacteria and fungus living on it. Indeed, linen baby bedding kills bacteria, which means that your baby will not be affected by bacterial infections. In addition, linen has been known not to cause any allergic reactions. This is the case more so to the people who are allergic and thus sensitive to different fabrics. This particular material though is not a threat to such kind of a group. When you purchase this bedding, you will not have to worry about the type of visitors you are hosting since there is no threat to their well-being whatsoever. 

What About The Price?

The price of linen bedding is relatively low as compared to other fabrics. What’s more, you can see from the above that the linen fabric produces high quality services. This means that this fabric does not only give you the value of your money, but also enhances comfort during sleep. There is no excuse therefore why you should not purchase linen fabric if you are in need of bedding to enhance your sleep. 

Are There Any Factors to Consider when Purchasing Linen sheets Bedding? 

Although linen has got unique qualities, it is important to consider certain factors before buying them. This is because linen is made with different attributes to enhance your personal satisfaction. For this reason, you need to consider certain things before committing your money. Some of these factors include: Thread count, Fiber content, type of weave and the fabric finish. When you consider these factors, it becomes easier to pick the linen crib bedding that will not let you down now and in the future. 

Where To Purchase Linen Fabrics?

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You can either purchase linen fabric either via online store or at the retail store. If you embrace online buying, you need to read the information of the linen bedding you are purchasing before making the final commitment. The good thing is that the information provided along with the bedding you would like to purchase is detailed, straight to the point, easy to understand and above all tailored to help you make right decisions. In addition, the fabric you would like to purchase is pictured in order to give a clear picture of what you are buying. Once you have decided what kind of linen fabric you are buying, you can go ahead to pay with your Visa Card, bank transfer or even your MasterCard. The good thing is that you can do this straight from your house or work without having to make a trip to the store. 

Consequently you can make a trip to the bedding outlet to make your orders. Once you are there, you can ask customer care people to help you to make proper decisions. Once you are done, you can make orders, pay for your goods and wait for packaging. The benefit of purchasing through this method is that you get your goods instantly. You don’t have to wait for the next day or hours to start enjoying your bedding. Once you have made an order, you can enjoy what the bedding offers on the same night.