Buying Teen Bedding for Boys and Girls

Teenage is a difficult time for teens and parents alike. They are not kids any more but they are not adults either. They do not like being treated like kids in any aspect and this includes their beddings. They have moved past cartoon pillows and blankets and would like something a little more towards the adult side. Thus, it is advisable that you revamp their bedroom with some teen bedding.

About teen bedding

You do not need to spend a lot of money in order to redecorate a room. Simply changing the bedding and repainting the walls is enough. If you think the bedding is expensive, you can look for teen bedding sets. They are considerably more affordable and you can save a lot of time because you will find all bedding requirements in one go.

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The right type of bedding mainly depends on the type of bed. There are full beds, canopy beds, and beds with bookshelves that teenagers usually like. For full beds, you would need to go with pillow shams and dust ruffles. Bunk beds on the other hand do not give you so many options.

Teen bedding for boys

For your teenage boy you may choose bold colors such as red and blue. Patterns are preferable but some boys may not like them. In this case, you can choose bedspreads with the logo of your son’s preferred sports team. You can also choose plain bedding in bold colors while adding a little elegance and sophistication to it with personalization through monograms. It is advisable that you buy machine-washable sheets because they are bound to get dirty.

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Teen bedding for girls

Girls love patterns, floral bed sheets, and princess characters. It is easier to shop for teen bedding for your little girl because there are plenty of options. You may buy animal prints instead of going for the usual prints. You may also add some pink to showcase the femininity. Adding flowers and vines to the bedroom will complete the look of the bedroom. It would also be sensible to choose a dust ruffle as well because it is functional and elegant.

Additional Tips:

  • It is advisable that you take your teenager to shop along with you. Teenagers tend to be very particular about everything and choosing bedding without their consent might not be a great idea. Let your teenager choose the color, pattern, and sets while you focus on the quality of the bedding, its durability, and the price tag.

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  • It is also advisable that you buy teen bedding, especially the comforter, with care. Buy machine-washable comforters that are also lightweight so that maintenance is not a problem.
  • When you wish to purchase a mattress with a pillow top, choose fitted sheets just enough to fit over the mattress thickness.
  • If budget is a concern for you, you may go for cotton sheets. They are breathable, easy to maintain and less expensive as well. In buying cotton sheets though, consider the thread count. Those with higher thread count, that is more than the normal 200 range, are softer and more durable.

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The teenage stage is where boys and girls tend to experiment on their likes. And the style of their room allows them to express them. No wonder they can be very choosy on every details of what they see around their room and that includes their beddings.

Support them all the way on their growth and development. When you check out stores such as trina turk bedding, your job will become easier. The bedding they offer is cheap, reliable, and of good quality. You also have several choices to choose from.