Buying and Maintaining Your King Size Bed Sheets

King size beds may seem too extravagant for some; but for others, it is more of a necessity. This is because it is considered as the largest size of bed available in the market at present. To ensure comfort and good night’s sleep every night in your king bed, one must get the right king size bed sheets for his “evening sanctuary”. However, this task is not always easy for everyone; especially if this is their first time to experience so.

Bed Sheets and Weather Conditions

Climatic conditions can be unpredictable. There are times when you feel extremely cold at one point of time during the day, and suddenly the temperature rises and starts giving you sweat. If you also live in a country, where temperature keeps playing those little tricks on you, especially during winters, then you probably should consider putting on warm sheets on your bed to keep it warm and cozy.

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Winter months can be really harsh on your body and skin. Thus, having decent king size bed sheets becomes a necessity, than a luxury. Beginning from November to March, these sheets are a great way to invite warm and comfort in your bedroom. These sheets keep your bed warm and cozy throughout the day and night.

However, this kind of bedding pick is a bit expensive and lots of people resists investing in it. But with proper care, you can save your investment and make your sheets last longer. However, before this article guides you on proper maintenance and care of your sheets, you must take a look at some points that will help you buy best flannel sheets for your home.

Tips to Choose the Top Quality King Size Bed Sheets

Buying a quality bed sheet from reputable sources like Trina Turk Bedding is important to ensure it lasts long and fulfill the purpose intended. There are number of companies that provide best California king size bed sheets; as well as sheets for king size bed, but it is not important to use only the high end ones. There are many home furnishing companies, which are not as popular as other well-known ones, but deliver equally, in fact better quality products. Here are some pointers to consider when looking to buy decent bed sheets for a king bed:

  • The best bed sheets are those that have heavy 100% cotton tag.
  • It is preferable to choose yarn-dyed fabric instead of those that are printed. The yard dyed ones are considered to be more durable in terms of color and fading.
  • Good quality king size bed sheets are tightly woven. While holding them up to the light, you shouldn’t be able to easily see through them.
  • Buy only those sheets that have a good fabric weight. Bed sheets with a fabric weight of 5 to 6 ounces per yard are considered to be of highest quality.

Washing and Caring Tips

As important as it is to buy a good quality sheet, it is equally important to pay proper attention on their upkeep. Take a look at these simple, yet effective washing tips for your bed sheets king size.

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  • It is advised to wash them only in lukewarm water. It should neither be too hot, nor too cold.
  • Use only mild detergent to wash your sheets, so the colors don’t fade.
  • Strictly avoid using bleaches or other harsh alternatives to remove stains or spills.
  • Do not forget to use liquid fabric softener during the rinse to help keep your sheets feeling soft and comfortable.
  • Do not leave your sheets in the dryer for long. Too much heat can cause wrinkles, leaving your sheet giving a harsh feeling. Moreover, too much heat from the dryer will break down the rubber elastic. 
  • It is better not to use the dryer. Simply hang them up and let them dry naturally. It will add freshness to the sheet as well.

Keep in mind all these tips and techniques, if you really wish to invest in good king size bed sheets. Buying a bed sheet for your king bed can be a tricky and expensive venture; therefore, you must make sure that you make all the right moves in order to make most out of your investment.

Warm bed sheets, indeed are a very good way to keep you feeling comfortable and cozy, even during extreme weather conditions. Whether, it is winters or spring, these sheets will help you get a good night sleep, especially after a good hectic day at work. So next time you decide to buy and wash your sheet, do not forget to refer again to the above given tips. By the way, happy shopping!