Bedding Sets – A Bedding Guide for Expectant Moms

Bedding sets are one of the most important things expectant moms should have, simply because she wants to give comfort to their little ones while they sleep. They are also important to every household to make the beds warm and comfortable during cold days and nights.

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Because there are loads of choices on style and patterns like colorful beddings, floral beddings and more in the market today, it is very easy to become overwhelmed and buy anything that looks soft and colorful. However, because the baby will spend most of his time lying on baby bedding sets, it is imperative that the mom should pick what is both safe and comfortable.

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Available Types Bedding Sets

How you choose the beddings for your child also depends on their age. As your child grows, he may need a different type of bedding. To help you choose the right type for your little one, here are the basic types available to date.

  • Bassinet bedding sets – In case you are not familiar with a bassinet yet, it is a stand-alone bed that is usually covered with thin mattress and adjustable hood. The oval shape of the bassinet allows the baby to adjust to the life outside his mother’s womb better. A bassinet is designed for newborn babies up to 4 months of age. When buying bassinet beddings, always choose bedding sets that come with a blanket and a pillow. Moreover, purchasing beddings with a waterproof pad is also recommended.

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  • Crib bedding sets – As its name implies, crib beddings are used to cover the inner part of the crib. Unlike bassinets, a crib may be used until the baby reaches his toddler years.  Typical crib bedding features a bumper, which protects the child from the crib’s side rails. Additionally, it comes in thick composition, along with a fitted sheet and quilted blanket. Some brands also come with decorative skirts, which fit under the mattress and enhance the look of the crib. It is also advisable to choose waterproof bedding for your baby’s crib.

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  • Toddler Bedding Sets – By definition, a toddler bedding set is the bedding created for children who are too big for their cribs but are not yet suitable for an adult’s bed. Most toddler beds nowadays are covered with crib mattresses and sheets. However, you may also opt for a full-sized bedding set or grey duvet cover, along with a pillow and bed skirt. You can choose different designs like cartoon character designs like Mickey Mouse beddings, Minnie Mouse beddings, Hello Kitty beddings and other characters your child love. Trina Turk bedding has adorable patterned beddings that kids will surely love.

Those were the most popular types of bedding sets for babies to date. There are colorful and patterned beddings available for your baby. When choosing, always remember to put your child’s safety as your top priority.  Look for beddings that are of great quality and suitable for your baby. And then, next should be comfort, style, size, and price.