Adorable Custom Bedding

Setting up and decorating your custom bedroom can be both fun and rewarding, while using custom bedding plus curtains that match the theme of your room can make it look as if it was done by a professional without any added expense. One way you can use to create this effect is by choosing the fabrics and custom designs from professionals. You can get these fabrics from Trina Turk Bedding and you will surely be more than satisfied with their huge selection available. Be sure you choose your favorite coordinating fabrics with appealing patterns to furnish your entire bedroom. You should also get the best custom made duvet covers, dust ruffles, pillows, curtains and window treatments that will make your room look just the way you wanted it to look.

The Bedding 

There are different varieties to choose from in custom bedding components. First is to determine the size of your bed, what different types of ornamentation and coverings that can go with it. Remember, you can choose from your favorite duvet covers, from comforters to the old fashioned look of the bedspread. You can get pillow shams that match your bed coverings and in addition add some elegant touch to your bedroom.

You can also use the dust ruffle to cover the box spring and the areas below your mattress. This duvet should hang down in such a manner that it is barely touching the ground, but you may decide to leave your duvet to drape some few inches on the floor according to your taste. Remember to use some contrasting pattern and color between your dust ruffle and the bed cover to achieve the desired designer look. The comforter, bedspread and the duvet cover will ensure that the sheet and extra blankets are hidden during daytime.

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Adding some Accessories to your custom bedding

You can add some extra pillows and/or throw pillows that you can place on top of your bed to add some beauty to it. These pillows usually come in different shapes and sizes so you need to choose the correct pillow size and shape that will match your bed. You can also consider adding some fringe or trim to your pillows to match the accessories on your window treatments. Try to use a combination of square, round, tubular and flat throw pillows in order to give the exact depth and dimension you want to the overall-look of your bedroom. You can also add some furniture to your room; try attractive chairs, vanity tables plus the ottomans with contrasting but matching fabric. You can cover the furniture with good throw pillows that are exact match to those on your bed.

Custom baby bedding

Customizing the bedding for your baby will give you and your baby an ultimate luxurious feeling. When customizing the crib make sure you use the standard crib size, wallpaper and wall finish so that you be able to get some good ready-made bedding locally or over the internet. Here are some things you’ll need to know before designing custom nursery bedding for your baby:

custom crib bedding for boys

  • Consider the theme of the nursery

Use your creativity and imagination to come up some suitable theme for your baby bedroom, basing on this theme, check for the toddler-baby bedding designs, patterns, colors and fabric to match with the theme and the overall appearance of your baby’s crib.

  • Baby’s safety and comfort

When coming up with your custom bedding for your baby, you should ensure that your baby’s comfort and safety is the first consideration. Use fabrics which are 100% cotton, durable, colorfast and washable from time to time. The fabric should be stain resistant and you should avoid things like fringe and appliqué that may come off and choke your baby in case she/he ingests it. Some fabrics like chenille may look attractive, but they should be avoided in favor of smoother and simpler fabrics.

  • Choose hypoallergenic fabrics

Ensure that the fabrics for your baby crib are organic or pure cotton. The reason being, the baby skin is tender and very sensitive and the babies are prone to skin allergies and rashes. Remember, cotton or organic fabrics do not cause harm to the baby’s skin so they are highly recommended. You should therefore, ensure that the custom crib bedding for your kid is very safe, attractive and comfy.

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The nursery bedding may include:

  • Crib fitted sheet 
  • Baby quilt, comforter or blanket 
  • Dust ruffle 
  • Bumper pads

Some of the custom nursery bedding accessories you may choose from:

  • Nursing pillows 
  • Decorative pillows 
  • Nursing pillow covers 
  • Diaper stacker 
  • Hamper 
  • Window valence 
  • Changing pad cover 
  • Stuffed animal holder 
  • Toy bag 
  • Rocker cushion covers

In conclusion, when you are out to have any type of customized bedding that you really desire, ensure that you do your homework well, check for the best design in your local fabric stores or online and choose a reputable designer for your fabric needs. You should have a keen interest on the cost too, so that you get exactly what you want in terms of color, fabric, theme and concept for your bedroom at a fairly favorable cost.