A Detailed Guide in Buying Duvet Covers

Modern bed designs are what the younger generations look for. Apart from comfort, the sleek finish of a modern bed design helps in coming up with buying decisions. Beds come in various detailing and features; hence, knowing the popular bed types will make it even easier to find the best design that suits your taste. This article will feature the popular bed designs.

Canopy Beds

Featuring four bedposts where cloth or mesh materials are draped, canopy beds are one of the most sought designs especially of young girls these days. With decorative headboards and footboards, they typically come in wood or metal. Although dating back in medieval times, canopy beds still make the list of modern bed designs. To further add comfort, you may opt to use a grey duvet cover in ruched pleat design to give your bed a luxurious yet delicate look.  There are many duvet cover designs available in online stores such as Trina Turk bedding and more.  The other features of these beds are:

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  • Available in Queen and King size
  • Can do away with the crossbeams

Leather Beds

Known for its durability and style, leather beds add class and elegance to bedrooms. With its smooth finish, it is easy to clean and maintain with only a damp cloth. The only downside of purchasing leather beds is their price as these types of modern beds are expensive. Their other features are:

  • Leather comes in various colors: black, brown, white, beige
  • May be genuine or faux leather
  • Customizable sizes (single, double or king size)

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Platform Beds

Minimalism is in when it comes to modern bed designs. That is why platform beds are a good choice. Simple, sleek and with clean edge designs, these beds have a solid bed platform finish that eliminates the need for box springs, which are typical in other bed types. When it comes to mattress covers, you can add zing to your platform beds by using splashes of materials and colors like red, blue, peach, green, or grey duvet covers. Platform beds have additional features which are stated below:

  • Some designs come with built-in storage drawers
  • Sturdy and can carry a lot of weight
  • Noiseless because the mattresses are supported by the flat surface bed, not by coil springs

Considerations when Buying Modern Beds

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The following are key points to consider when purchasing modern beds.

  •  Your budget. How much are you willing to spend for your new bed? Bed types come in various styles, designs and manufacturers. They can range from overstated to cheap bed frames and features. Understanding your finances can help you decide which stores and manufacturers to consider.
  • Bedroom size. This is a very important information that you should consider when buying a bed because it could make your bed look enormous if you have a small room or too small, if your bedroom is big.
  • Bed material and features. From what material do you want your bed made of? Do you want steel, wood or brass? Will your choice go well with your bedroom theme? Do you want built-in headboard, footboard and nightstands? Will using duvet cover or linen beddings look good in that particular bed material?

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  • Size and height of bed. How many people will be using the bed? If you are sleeping alone, then a twin-sized bed is enough for you otherwise, opt for a queen-sized bed if you have a partner sleeping with you. Definitely, getting beds that are one-size bigger than these suggested bed sizes can make your sleeping experience more comfortable. However, remember that the bigger the size, the higher the cost of the bed.
  • Bed functionality. Consider how else you benefit from using the bed. Do you need spaces underneath where you can keep some of your stuff? Do you want a bed that you can transform into a sofa bed or daybed?
  • Mattress and pillow covers. Start thinking about mattress and pillow cover designs that you can use to further make your bed look attractive. You may opt for beddings in light green or yellow, striped sheets, quilts, or duvet covers.

Bedroom solutions are available on the internet and spending more time when it comes to planning your bedroom furniture will go a long way. Choose modern bed designs that fit your taste and lifestyle without creating a huge dent on your budget.