A Buying Guide for Cool Sheets to Keep Yourself Comfortable

Instead of swapping your bedding every season, you can simply buy cool sheets to protect yourself from summer heat while sleeping in your air-conditioned room. You need to choose sheets that won’t make the night even hotter than it already is. You should get rid your flannel bedding, go through this article to learn more about buying cool bed sheets and stay comfortable on hot summer nights.

Go For Natural Fibers

Fabrics that come from natural fibers are always more breathable. Therefore, they are able to wick away perspiration. Natural fibers keep you dry and cool. On the other hand, synthetic bed sheets don’t allow ventilation. Pure cotton and cotton blends including satin, jersey and percale are comfortable, affordable and durable. The highest quality sheets that keep you cool are made usually from pure Egyptian cotton. They are woven from smooth yarns and harvested in Egypt.

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In addition to this, silk sheets are also perfect for summertime. They regulate your body temperature and feel really great on your skin. However, silk sheets can be quite expensive. Linen also breathes well and gives a natural cooling effect. But it wrinkles easily and therefore, you should choose a linen bed sheet carefully. You should consider all the pros and cons of any fabric before settling with that.

Choose Appropriate Weight

Although silk and satin cool sheets are lightweight, they tend to insulate and trap heat. This is because they are draped closer to your body. On the other hand, percale sheets are heavier, but allow for more circulation. Therefore, they can be a much better choice than silk and satin sheets. Moreover, heavyweight sheets are always more durable than their counterparts.

Don’t Get Fooled by Thread Count Hype

In recent years, most people have been caught up in the hype related to thread count. People think that sheets with higher thread count are always better. However, this is not always true. Sheets with a higher thread count don’t let air pass freely. Besides this, they also trap heat underneath. It will be better to choose a sheet with 300-400 thread count for summertime. If possible, you should try to feel the fabric first-hand. It will tell you how the fabric would feel against your skin.

Choose Light Colors

For stay cool sheets, you should always choose light colors. Light colored sheets reflect more light that comes into your bedroom through windows. Since they don’t absorb much light, they feel cool. Light colored sheets are also very easy to bleach. However, you should always wash light colored sheets with lukewarm water. If possible, light colored sheets should be dried on a line outdoors for an amazing shine.

Some Excellent Fabrics for Cool Sheets

Pure Cotton – Pure cotton sheets have always been popular because of their smooth texture. They are more breathable and allow more air circulation. Cotton sheets are also very durable and last a long time. They can be bought online at affordable prices. Trina Turk Bedding offers a variety of sheets made from this material and it’s definitely worth checking out.

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Egyptian Cotton – Egyptian cotton is high-quality. In fact, it is the most luxurious fabric with soft and tender feel.

Silk – Silk always proves to be a good choice. In fact, they can also be used during winters without any problems. However, silk bed sheets are always very expensive. Thus, they may not be used for daily use.

Bed lines should always be cleaned in lukewarm or cold water. You should never use synthetic and harsh detergents. You should use mild detergents with a clean, soothing pattern. They should be able to prevent any damage to the fabric. You should never use a lot of soap with cool sheets. Moreover, you should never over dry your bed linens. Try to take them out of your dryer. Dry and flip them right away to prevent any sort of wrinkles on your bed linens.

When buying bed sheets, you can visit a store to take a first-hand look and feel of the fabric. However, this can be quite expensive. If you want to save some money, you should buy bed sheets from online stores. Online stores always offer bed sheets at affordable prices and discounted rates. Moreover, you can go through reviews and testimonials to gather information about the quality of bed sheets being sold by a particular dealer.