Selecting the Perfect Trina Turk Bedding

Every person is aware of the fact that he needs a good amount of rest and adequate sleep to carry on his regular duties every single day. He needs to lie down comfortably and get rid of his/her fatigue and tiredness from work or other strenuous activities. And so, to get maximum relaxation along with sophistication of the bedroom, one hops from one place to the other in the search for the right Trina Turk bedding that will offer him the perfect bedding set for his bedroom.

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There are innumerable manufacturers of bedding today that offer customers the best of sets at variable but reasonable prices. The items included in the bedding vary to suit the varying taste and lifestyles of buyers. All men around the world spend nearly two-thirds of their lives in bed. Hence, it is absolutely important to acquire the proper bedding from the bedding supplier like Trina Turk bedding that is reliable and offers the best types of products.  But before you go down to the bedding selection and cleaning tips, here is a quick insight about Trina Turk designer and its story.

About the Company

The company is genuinely based on the Golden State, which is better known as California. Not just bedding, the manufacturer also holds a great selection of modernist-inspired men’s and women’s apparels and accessories; not to mention their offerings on home accents and even techie accessories like iPhone 5 cases.

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Named after the designer herself, Ms. Trina Turk; she launched the trademark in 1995 together with her hubby photographer Jonathan Skow. The first outlet was inaugurated at Palm Springs on 2002 and then expanded to a few more outlets on the neighboring states like Miami, New York and Los Angeles.

Trina Turk’s bedding collection is inspired by a number of positive flavors – progress, ease of access, optimism, confidence, and brilliant colors. With the infusion of bold prints and signature patterns, the company is able to produce a modernist and dynamic selection of beddings.

Bedding Set Essentials

Bedding sets being sold at Trina Turk come in many themes. Some of these themes include luxury bedding, plain bedding, quilted bedding and the list goes on. But regardless of the theme, almost all of them contain the same pieces. To give you a better insight of what each of them contains, here is a list that you can use as a basis:

  • Mattress comforter
  • Pillow cases
  • Shams
  • Coverlets
  • Bed sheets
  • Duvet

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Bedding Sizes

The company has in store various products like Trina Turk residential bedding to offer its customers. Therefore, the sizes available are numerous as well. Each size is meant for the different sizes of mattresses. If you are still not familiar with the standard bed sizes, then you are right on track.

A king size bed or a queen size bed requires the accurate sized mattress that is comfortable enough to induce good sleep. A stylish set adds elegance and beauty to a bedroom. Most individuals want their bedrooms to have a soothing atmosphere that will calm the tired body and mind. Hence selecting the right types of bedding is very important.

Selecting the Perfect Bedding Set

Choosing the perfect bedding for your room can be a breeze when geared with the right knowledge on what to look for and important aspects to consider. Here are some tips that will help to select the perfect bedding to bring harmony in your bedroom:

  • The size of the mattress is the first and most important point to note when selecting the most suitable bedding. Ideally, it should not be bigger than the bed you are using. The quality of the mattress must also be checked because the comfort level of the bedding depends on this factor. As you probably know already, uneven mattresses made from rough coir causes back and neck problems, apart from other related disorders.
  • The simple cotton or wool bedding are perhaps the ideal ones.
  • The colors of bedding can be selected according to the painting of the walls. A lighter shade of bedding set looks decent if the walls are gorgeous. If however the bedroom has a cool look of gypsy pink or pale blue, a darker shade of bedding will be the perfect match.
  • To bring a royal touch to the bedding, silk or satin bed skirts will be just the right ones.
  • The comforters can be of striking colors that impart a lively feel to the room.
  • The number of pillows depends on the size of the bed. But they must be of the finest quality.
  • Pillow covers must match the bed-sheets and the blankets. Often they are available in sets. The floral prints too look beautiful and lively.
  • The quality of the entire set should be conducive to good health. Allergy-prone individuals should check out on the fabrics used more diligently. All kinds of materials like the synthetic ones are not good for such persons.

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Importance of the Right Bedding

The most important furniture in a bedroom is the bed where one takes rest. The owner feels very satisfied and happy when she gives a personal touch to the bedroom by decorating it with her own imagination and creativity. And so, it is wise to select exclusive and comfortable bedding from the bedding outlet that you trust. The prices of the sets differ with the kind of bedding that is chosen. The designer bedding naturally costs more than the luxury or the regular sets. It depends on the buyers’ pocket and their tastes.

There are various kinds of bedding to choose from. They are available at the specialized stores. Some people love to transform their bedrooms into an exclusive place to rejuvenate themselves. So they opt for the designer bedding that is available especially at the designer bedding outlet. The uniqueness and the trendy look of the sets work wonders to change the entire appearance of the bedroom instilling a feeling of freshness and joy. The prints and colors are amazing and the quality is incomparable in most distributors.

Specialty Outlets

Trina Turk bedding stores offer all kinds of luxurious items like the mattress that is made from the finest quality materials and are normally of a higher price. The designs, colors, styles and patterns are luxurious and made of costly fabrics like silk or satin. They are soft and extremely comfortable are can be customized according to the color scheme of the bedrooms. The embroidered high-end finish of the classic luxury bedding adds a unique touch to the bedrooms.

A decent bedding outlet offers excellent value for money products. When buying the bedding, there should be no compromise in the quality. Cheap products do not last long neither do they give enough comfort to the customers. It is wise to study well about the various bedding sets available at the stores before taking a decision.

To decorate a baby’s room, the baby bedding outlet is the perfect place to go shopping. It has the appropriate size, designs and colors to enliven a child’s bedroom. A good bedding outlet offers everything for both the girl and the boy child. The designer bed-sheets with floral prints, picture prints or cartoons give great joy to kids. The quality of the products too is unmatched and one should always choose the best whenever he has to shop for a child’s bedding set. When a kid sleeps in peace in his/her bed, it gives great joy to parents who wish to give the best to their loving child.

Cleaning Tips

It is easy to purchase great-looking bedding that will offer maximum comfort but proper care will ensure that they stay comfortable to use for the longest time possible. Luckily, manufacturers always offer a guide book to help in cleaning the bedding that they sell to their beloved customers. Normally, these are the rules that should be followed in cleaning beddings:

  • Using a vacuum cleaner is the best option. It pulls out all the dirt without disturbing the mattress or the thread count of the linens.
  • Stains can be removed by using a mild soap.
  • Rotating the mattress is also recommended by the manufacturers.


If planning to change the environment of the bedroom, then the best place to go shopping is a reputable Trina Turk bedding outlet that has a huge stock to satisfy every customer with products that have unmatched quality and long-lasting construction.